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NA LCS Promotion/Relegation Prediction: Gold Coin United vs Team Liquid

The second day of the Promotion tournament will start with a GCU vs TL series! Who will make it into NA LCS? 

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The second day of the Promotion tournament will start with a Gold Coin United vs Team Liquid series! Who will make it into NA LCS?

Gold Coin United have definitely shown that they’ve got what it takes to play on the big stage. Their controlled, objective-oriented play style thwarted Envy’s early aggression and secured them a confident 3-1 win. And their team fighting looks strong enough to be on par with LCS teams.  

Liquid have announced loud and clear that they intend to stay in the NA LCS. Reignover has stepped up considerably and—in a surprising turn of events—Piglet has also pulled through for his team. And once this duo got going, the whole team seemed to be that much more organized and cohesive with its macro and playmaking.

Match Preview

Top Lane Matchup: TL Lourlo was his usual, consistent self. It seems you can always count on him to perform well in lane and to show up in team fights and cross map plays. But Solo has also proven his worth. While he didn’t show much aggression, his laning was solid, and he’s even made some incredible 1v2 and 1v3 outplays. The synergy with his teammates is also there, as Solo would always look for opportunities to use his Teleport or Shen Ultimate. It’s going to be a lot closer that it seemed, but I’m still going to have to give this one to TL’s veteran top laner.

Jungle Matchup: Many have questioned how well can Santorin perform against a top-tier jungler. Well, you can finally put these doubts to rest, since Santorin was absolutely on fire in his series against Envy! Not only did he read LirA like a book, which allowed GCU to set up many successful counterganks, but he’s also made aggressive plays in the enemy jungle. But now he’s up against the master of control, Reignover. And that might be a tall order for him since the best jungler of the Summer Split is finally back! Reignover’s pathing and jungle dominance were the key factors behind TL’s previous victory, and will surely put Santorin to a test in this series.

Mid Lane Matchup:  The real decider of this matchup will be mid lane. While it’s true that Piglet’s been doing well, it’s unclear whether he can come up with game-winning performances on something other than Ahri or Orianna. And Fenix will not make it easy on him. GCU’s mid laner is a mechanical prodigy that’s always looking for openings to turn up his aggression. Even the tiniest misstep on Piglet’s part can lead to Fenix getting a kill and starting to snowball out of control. A lead for GCU in the mid lane.

Bot Lane Matchup: The duo of Madlife and Mash has done well for itself. Their laning was strong enough to put Team Envy’s bot lane on the back foot in every game, and their skirmishing power was instrumental for GCUs’ victory. When you look at TL, it’s clear that something is not working for them. The duo seemed to be uncoordinated with Matt going for overaggressive plays that would end up costing them the lane. And while Doublelift has been doing well for himself, his play alone won’t be enough to turn a 2v2 lane. An edge for GCU in the bot lane.


Everything will come down to junglers and mid laners. But TL have a higher number of potential carries. As long as Reignover can cover for Piglet and help him stay alive against Fenix, they should be in a prime position to take the game. A 3-2 victory for Team Liquid.

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NA LCS Promotion/Relegation Prediction: Gold Coin United vs Team Liquid

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