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Cloud9: NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Playoffs spotlight

Cloud9 has a home in the NALCS playoffs, and more particularly a home in the NALCS finals. With a storied history as one of the leagues top dogs each split, it’s been hard to find a moment of disappointment for fans.

But that disappointment struck early on in 2017’s Summer Split.

Despite a returning roster of one of the strongest squads the org has ever seen, featuring top NA midlaner Jensen at the helm of the ship, the team struggled to pass average challengers early on in the Summer. It also fell to be one of NA’s worst representatives at the North America vs Europe Rift Rivals with several members feeling almost too sick to perform, and ad carry Sneaky unable to speak at all during games because of it.

Still, if you watched Cloud9 close out the Summer Split, you wouldn’t have expected them to have seen a single bump in the road at all. The squad rallied late in the split to reach their top form once more, knocking off powerhouse after powerhouse to move right back up the ladder. With a strong 12-6 finish tying with CLG and falling just behind Immortals and TSM, Cloud9 finished just a bit below expectation, and still in the top of the pack.

Let’s see how this roster breaks down moving into the 2017 NALCS Summer Split Playoffs.

The Lineup:

Top Lane

Cloud9 are in the unique position of being one of the few NA LCS teams to offer two top laners they switch between depending on gameplan. But in a tank meta, and as of late, the team has gone with a solid form Impact more often than not. He’s done more than enough to earn the slot as he closed the season on a hot streak. The former World Champion could be returning to the form he first earned his fame through, and Cloud9 look all the more dangerous for it.


While Contractz hasn’t had his strongest split this Summer, the young prodigy has still shown he belongs on the battlefield, and plays an important role for the team. Sitting on a 4.1 kda across the Summer Split, he has the 18th highest in the league, and the jungler absolutely closed out strong.

Mid Lane

Cloud9 as a team is always dangerous, but their biggest threat lies in the mid lane with easily the strongest player of the Summer Split in all star Jensen. The Dane has taken over game after game this split, posting simply remarkable numbers in the best kda of the split at 8.7, the third highest cs per min at 9.5, and the second best kill participation at 78%. It seems no one can slow down Jensen’s reign, and he’s looking to put that to the test this post-season.

Bottom Lane

While Jensen might get the most praise for being C9’s star, Sneaky deserves a good amount himself, and Smoothie certainly puts in plenty work to help this. The two combine for a 10.1 kda, and both players take important roles on for the team. Sneaky is an incredibly reliable player that can shoot his way through any situation. Meanwhile, Smoothie rocks one of the highest kill participations in the league, adding plenty to it on dangerous playmaking support roams. This duo has proven it can rock with the best of North America, and it’s just a matter of time before they get to show it on the Playoffs stage.

The Road Ahead

Cloud9 rallied together towards the end of the Summer Split, and enter the playoffs on this momentum. While they’ll have a tough road ahead of them in a very competitive NA LCS field, the team looks to return to the finals once again. With Jensen at the helm, who can doubt them?

What do you think of Cloud9’s Playoff chances? Let us know in the comments! 

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Cloud9: NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Playoffs spotlight

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