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2017 NA LCS Playoffs Prediction: CLG vs FlyQuest

The NA LCS Playoffs continue with the CLG vs FlyQuest series! Which team has the upper hand? 

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CLG are the kings on inconsistency. At times, they can look like the most well-coordinated team in the league with some amazing rotations and macro play. However, their early and mid game skirmishing is lackluster, and their level of individual play is all over the place.

FlyQuest also have trouble playing to a certain standard. Much like CLG, they excel at playing the map and making decisive calls but fall apart in other departments. Their team fighting might be solid, but it’s getting to that stage that is… problematic for this lineup. After all, almost every FlyQuest member tends to fall behind individually, and the team often has to deal with two or even three losing lanes.

Match Preview

Top Lane Matchup: Darshan has improved a lot lately. After spending the majority of the Split as the hallmark of inconsistency, he’s now grown into a solid carry. With a 2.9 KDA and 7.3 CS per minute, he l has a lot to prove but he’s no longer a glaring weakness on the CLG lineup and he can still blow you away with that one standout performance. Balls has also been one of the most solid members on FlyQuest. Holding a 2.9 KDA and 7.7 CS per minute, he might not be as oppressive as some of the better top laners in the league, but he does his job on tanks and carries alike. It’s close but Darshan’s higher highs secure him a lead in this matchup.

Jungle Matchup: Moon is far and away from his form at the beginning of the Split, and when you consider that he was one of the primary carries on his team, that’s not a good development sign for FlyQuest. He still has a good 3.8 KDA and a formidable 5.0 CS per minute, and his pathing is solid too. Moon however just doesn’t impact the game as much as he did at the start of the season. CLG’s Xmithie has had his fair share of issues. Holding a 2.4 KDA and 4.6 CS per minute, he’s a jungler that struggles to influence the early game. But with the meta shifting in favor of his champion pool, Xmithie might bounce back, and there’s no denying that his team play has always been on point. An advantage to Moon in the early game, but Xmithie will take over later on.  

Mid Lane Matchup: There’s no denying that CLG Huhi has stepped it up big time for this season. His decision-making could still use some work but for the most part, Huhi is a solid mid laner with a large playmaking potential—and it shows through his 2.8 KDA and 8.3 CS per minute. But if there’s one man that knows more about playmaking, it’s FlyQuest’s Hai. With a 2.6 KDA and 8.2 CS per minute, he may not be the most dominant laner, but Hai makes up for it with well-timed roams and clutch plays in team fights. It’s close but Hai is—ever so slightly—the better mid laner.  

Bot Lane Matchup: On paper, it’d seem that FlyQuest has the edge here. Altec and LemonNation are solid and their 4.2 and 3.1 KDAs look formidable. They can hold their own against most bot lanes and know when to group up with their team. But even though Stixxay and Aphromoo lose out to them with 3.6 and 2.7 KDAs of their own, the stats don’t tell the full story. Stixxay is currently one of the best performing AD carries in North America, and while Aphromoo can have an occasional off game, he’s a veteran player that can come through with great shot calling and game-winning engages. A lead for CLG in the bot lane. 


FlyQuest can’t overpower CLG on an individual level, and their shot calling isn’t as crisp as it used to be. As long as CLG stay away from the dreaded mid game team fights—which the team has always struggled with—they should have no trouble taking the match with a 3-1 score.   

Who do you have winning this matchup and why? Let us know in the comments!

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2017 NA LCS Playoffs Prediction: CLG vs FlyQuest

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