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2017 NA LCS Playoffs Prediction: Phoenix1 vs Dignitas

The bNA LCS Playoffs kick off with a Phoenix1 vs Dignitas series! Who has the best odds of winning—and why?

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While it’s true that Phoenix1 have ended their Split with two losses, it’d be a mistake to look down on this team. After all, they faced top-tier competition, and were also trying out new supports. But at their best, Phoenix1 are a strong team that excels at team fighting and playing the map.

Meanwhile, Dignitas are very much rough around the edges. They’ve fixed their passive playstyle sure, But they still don’t have a solid grasp on the macro game, and often get outrotated by better teams. When it comes to team fighting, you can always count on Dignitas to find new creative ways to throw.

Match Preview

Top Lane Matchup: It’s amazing how far zig has come. Going from a tank-only player to one of the most versatile top laners over the course of a single season, zig has been impressive, to say the least. Even though his 7.5 CS per minute isn’t great, he makes up for it with a solid 3.2 KDA. But versatility doesn’t mean much when coming up against brute force. Dignitas’s Ssumday is the definition of a carry top laner. Sporting a 3.9 KDA and 8.6 CS per minute, Ssumday relies on his superior mechanics and game sense to dominate the opposition. Sorry, zig, but you’re outclassed here.

Jungle Matchup: Chaser is another player that has improved a lot this season. If at first, he looked like he was playing his own game, he’s now working together with his teammates to set up one gank after another. With a 3.4 KDA and 4.6 CS per minute, Chaser is at his best when he’s going for those bold invades and aggressive dives. From first glance, it seems that P1’s Meteos and Inori lose out to him. Holding a 3.7 KDA and 4.8 CS per minute, Meteos is a very controlled player that focuses on efficiency and scaling. And while Inori packs a lot more punch, he can be too explosive for his own good—and it shows through his middling 3.0 KDA and 4.9 CS per minute. But it’s the way that P1 play around Meteos and help him against invades that makes the difference. An edge to Phoenix1 if they run Meteos, and an advantage to Dignitas if they elect to go with Inori.

Mid Lane Matchup: Ryu is rock solid. With a 3.8 KDA and 8.6 CS per minute, he’s a strong laner that can generally secure small leads in the early game. But his real forte is team fighting where Ryu continuously finds opportunities for game-winning plays. His opponent, Keane, is a tricky one. Sometimes he can look like the best mid laner you’ve ever seen, while in other cases he’s barely above average. Even though he’s close to Ryu with a 3.7 KDA and 8.6 CS per minute of his own, Keane’s inconsistency makes him an underdog in this matchup.

Bot Lane Matchup: Bot lane is DIG’s biggest weakness. While LOD and Xpecial aren’t horrid with their 3.9 and 3.4 KDAs, they aren’t exactly setting the world on fire. They’re a decent bot lane. But ‘decent’ isn’t going to cut it when going up against P1 Arrow. With a 5.4 KDA and 8.4 CS per minute, Arrow is a mechanical prodigy that’s already considered to be the best ADC in NA LCS. While his supports, Stunt and Shady, are still shaky with their KDAs of 4.3 and 1.2, Arrow is a seasoned veteran that knows how to make a duo work.  


Not only are Dignitas behind on an individual level, but they also lose out in macro play. They will need to improve by leaps and bounds if they hope to defeat their opponents. But otherwise, Phoenix1 will take the series with a 3-1 score.

Agree or Disagree with our prediction? Give us your opinion on the final score in the comments!

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2017 NA LCS Playoffs Prediction: Phoenix1 vs Dignitas

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