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Misfits: EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Playoffs spotlight

Misfits are readying themselves for the 2017 EU LCS Playoffs! Will they be the team that represents EU at Worlds?

Misfits finished the regular season with 6 wins and 7 losses to their name, becoming the only team with a negative record to qualify for the playoffs. Their roster has Alphari in the top lane, Maxlore in the jungle, PowerOfEvil in the mid lane, Hans Sama in the AD carry position, and IgNar in the support role. Can they show up when it matters most?

A Rocky Road

When you examine this lineup, it becomes painfully obvious that Misfits should be doing better. Yet for some reason, this team always finds a way to fall flat on its face. Their individual showings are strong—although we’d argue that Alphari needs to pick up the slack—but it’s their teamwork that’s holding them back.

This wouldn’t be that weird were it not for the fact that Maxlore was brought in specifically to fix the shot calling issue. But now, at the end of the split, it’s fair to say that the move didn’t work for both parties. Even with his current 3.8 KDA and 4.3 CS per minute, Maxlore could reach much higher highs on the old ROCCAT lineup, while Misfits could continue honing their synergy with the old jungler—KaKAO.

In the end, this team revolves around a dominant laning phase and clutch jungle ganks—an approach that only works when you’re already much better than your opposition. In every other case, Misfits find themselves at a loss. Battling together in teamfights is a constant challenge for them, and concepts like sophisticated map movement or synchronized invades consistently elude them.

These aren’t their only issues, though. The majority of their wins come from bottom-tier lineups (and the slumping G2 from the start of the split), which means that Misfits have fallen prey to every team that’s taking part in the playoffs. And overcoming old rivals will definitely be an uphill battle for them.

Players to Follow

No matter the situation, you can count on PowerOfEvil to hold the line in the mid lane.With a 4.3 KDA and 8.9 CS per minute, he’s a seasoned veteran that knows when he has to stay back and when he needs to take over the game with clutch plays. And his teamfighting presence is the glue that holds together Misfits’ shaky late game.

If PowerOfEvil is Misfits’ shield, IgNar is the sword. Holding a 4.1 KDA, he is a confident playmaker that adds a lot of map pressure with his relentless aggression and roam timings.

On Saturday, August 19, 2017, Misfits will meet Unicorns of Love in the first round of the 2017 Summer Playoffs. Can they overpower the fan favorites? Or will they fall apart in teamfights and skirmishes? Check out our preview to see what we think about this matchup.

What are your thoughts on Misfits and their chances in the NA LCS playoffs? Share your opinion in the comments!


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Misfits: EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Playoffs spotlight

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