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Meteos joining Phoenix 1: A substitute or permanent?

Week 5 of the 2017 Spring Split really has a lot of surprises as William "Meteos" Hartman of Cloud9 joined Phoenix 1.

Last thursday, Michael Moore of Phoenix 1 announced on Facebook that Meteos will substitute for Rami “Inori” Charagh this weekend due to an emergency and will return home to Vancouver.

It’s possible that Meteos could be moved to a substitute position after Inori returns. What cannot happen, as per section 4.1.6 of , is a return to Cloud9 for three weeks:

4.1.6 Player Acquisition Restriction. Any player who leaves or is removed from an LCS Roster (for any reason) may not re-join that LCS Roster as a result of a later trade, free agent signing, or any other type of transaction until a minimum of at least three game (3) weeks has elapsed following the effective date of the transaction that resulted in their most recent removal from the Active Roster unless granted a hardship exemption at league discretion. A game week is defined as a week in which LCS matches are being played.

With Phoenix1 set to battle Cloud 9 in one of their two Week 5 matches, it was unclear if a loaned player could indeed play against their current roster. But with a trade now confirmed by Riot, the members of Cloud9 constitute former teammates to Meteos instead. Regardless of what was going to happen, Meteos showed that he can still be a pro player with a Baron steal against Team EnvyUs.

Meteos proved to be an asset for P1 in their Week 5 clash against C9 as he was instrumental in leading P1 to their 2-0 victory. With the win P1 improved to 6-4 on the season and continued C9’s abysmal week where they dropped both matches to drop to 8-2. Meteos had a solid Rengar performance in Game 1 going 2/2/10 with a 209 CS and built off that game to lead his team in kills in Game 2 with Olaf. P1 showed his Olaf prowess posting an 8/4/4 KDA and getting 11.5k in gold for his team.

P1 will move on to face CLG and DIG in Week 6 which begins on Friday the 3rd of March as the LoL season breaks for IEM Katowice from February 22-26.

Does this move make P1 a serious contender in the NA LCS? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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Meteos joining Phoenix 1: A substitute or permanent?

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