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LPL Spring 2017 – Week 6 Review

One more week of cross-group play. Team WE has been a slight surprise to some that are unfamiliar with these stalwarts in the LPL. So, how does Team WE and the rest of the LPL look in the standings as they head into the final week of that cross-group play?

One more week of cross-group play this upcoming week and every team will have played eleven matches. But until that point, let’s take a look to see how each team sits after Week 6 of the 2017 Spring Split.

Group A Standings

1st – Royal Never Give Up (7-2, 15-7) (Previously 1st Place)
2nd – Invictus Gaming (5-4, 13-9) (Previously 2nd Place)
3rd – Oh My God (5-5, 12-12) (Previously 5th Place)
4th – iMay (5-5, 11-12) (Previously 4th Place)
5th – Snake Esports (4-5, 9-12) (Previously 3rd Place)
6th – LGD Gaming (3-7, 9-14) (Previously 6th Place)

The biggest surprise so far in cross-group play has to be the rise of OMG and the fall of Snake Esports. OMG currently sits in 3rd Place in the standings and is in good position to make a run at the playoffs with a one game lead over Snake Esports, who sit in 5th Place right now. OMG’s run up to 3rd Place was fueled by two victories this week, both of the 2-1 variety over EDward Gaming on Day 1 and Newbee on Day 4. Five, the Support for OMG, was a very strong proponent in their victories.

During the two matches, he played in all six games and went 0/1/18 with Lulu in Game 1’s victory against EDward Gaming, 2/6/11 with Malzahar in Game 2’s loss, and 0/6/15 in Game 3’s victory. In their second match against Newbee, he played Karma and went 1/2/11 in a Game 1 victory, he played Lulu in a Game 2 defeat when he went 2/5/8, and finally he played Zyra in Game 3’s victory. Overall for the week, he had a 3.27 KDA for the six games that were played. He has also started to become a very big advocate of Lulu, who has suddenly risen in the pick priority for Support players across the globe.

Now onto Group B to see how much the standings have or have not changed. (Hint, the teams are still in the same order.).

Group B Standings

1st – Team WE (8-2, 17-7) (Previously 1st Place)
2nd – EDward Gaming (7-3, 15-10) (Previously 2nd Place)
3rd – QG Reapers (5-4, 13-10) (Previously 3rd Place)
4th – Game Talents (3-6, 8-14) (Previously 4th Place)
5th – Newbee (3-7, 10-16) (Previously 5th Place)
6th – Vici Gaming (2-7, 6-15) (Previously 6th Place)

Team WE continued to quiet all of their doubters that thought they should not be at the top of the standings. The team has continued to win, as they are currently on a seven game match winning streak that dates back to Week 3. Their victory this week against Royal Never Give Up, who leads Group A, was quite impressive. Game 1 was a very strong performance for RNG as they won in 28:48, only giving up two kills and one tower in the game. Game 2 was a much closer fight as Team WE was able to pick off a kill at about 32 minutes. They turned that into a Baron call as RNG was not able to steal it from them.

They then were able to push down mid lane, catch a 2 for 1 kill teamfight, and then slowly crack away at the base during those death timers to take the match to the deciding game. Game 3 ended up being a very one sided battle, like Game 1 was, but this time in the favor of Team WE as they were able to only give up three kills and two towers. This means that Team WE is looking to close out cross-group play sitting all alone at the top of Group B’s standings.

Finally, this week was not good for me as I felt some teams were going to make some charges in their schedules. I also tried to pick some upsets that I thought would have been good, but alas, the superior teams on paper proved it to me and said, “Hey, we are still good.”

Week 6:

2/9 – Correct Predictions
2/9 – Correct Team / Wrong Result
5/9 – Wrong Team


9/47 – Correct Predictions
17/47 – Correct Team / Wrong Result
21/47 – Wrong Team

LPL Spring 2017 – Week 6 Review

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