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LPL Spring 2017 Playoffs – Quarterfinal Match 2

iMay was able to survive against QG Reapers in their round 1 matchup. Their reward is that they get to face EDward Gaming in the quarterfinals.

iMay won Game 1 in their match against QG Reapers, but QG fought back in Game 2 to win and be on match point. However, iMay persevered and were able to win Games 3 and 4 to take the match 3-2. Now they will face their fellow group mates, OMG, who finished 2nd in Group B.

OMG earned the number two seed and a bye into the quarterfinals after a very rough start to the split. After the first two weeks, OMG were 6th and didn’t look like the team we saw down the stretch. In Weeks 3 and 4 they climbed up to 4th place and were in playoff position. Week 5 is when the team slipped back into the relegation zone as they dropped to 5th. However, a good charge in Week 6 brought them out of potential relegation for the rest of the season, and into 3rd. They then fell down to 4th in Week 7 and came back to 3rd again in Week 8. Weeks 9 and 10 is where they finished their highest for the season earning the number two seed.

OMG will hold the slight advantage in this one as they defeated iMay twice during the regulat season. They won 2-0 in W2D3 and 2-0 again in W9D2.

Top Lane

OMG’s Top Lane was all to Xiyang for the 2017 Spring Split. He played all 37 games, had a 4.34 KDA and featured 10 unique champions. His most played champion was Shen with nine games going 7-2. While that record is good, his most successful champion with more than one game played was Fizz with a 3-0 record. For iMay’s AmazingJ, it was all business in their match against QG Reapers. He played Gragas in the game one win (4/1/4). In the game two loss, he played Maokai and went (1/3/5). For the final two victories in their series, AmazingJ played Kled in game three (6/1/6) and Camille in game four (4/2/5).

OMG definitely had a better Top Lane throughout the split compared to iMay with Xiyang being a little more consistent. I think that AmazingJ is very good on Kled, so we may actually see him banned at some point in this series, but I have to give the Top Lane matchup to iMay.


For OMG, World6 played 30 games at the Jungler position and had a 3.18 KDA over those games. World6’s highest played Jungler was Lee Sin with 12 games, but he also had his best winning percentage on him going 9-3. JueJue also subbed in for seven games in the Jungle but went 1-6 in those games with his only win coming on Lee Sin. Ben4 for iMay played two different champions. He played Lee Sin in games one and two, going 0/4/2 in the victory in game one and 2/3/1 in the loss in game two. In games three and four (both victories), he brought back “The Green Father” into his natural habitat with Ivern. He went 1/0/12 in game three and 2/1/8 in game four.

World6 does like to play a lot of Lee Sin and so does Ben4. So in this battle of the numbered players, I think that four actually may be greater than six here as Ben4’s performances on Ivern really stood out to me in this match and should give them the advantage in the Jungle matchup.

Mid Lane

Icon played 34 games in the Mid Lane for OMG and over those 34 games he used 11 unique champions. His best champions, as far as win rate over more than one game, were Ekko (3-0 record) and Ahri (2-0 record). The champion that he played most often was Syndra with seven games, but he only amassed a 3-4 record. OMG also had JueJue take to the Mid Lane in three games as well. He had a much better time in the Mid Lane than in the Jungle as he went 2-1 in the three games that he played. He had a loss on Viktor (2/7/8), but he did have victories on Jayce (6/6/3) and Zed (9/3/7). Athena also had a good four games on the Rift in their match against QG Reapers. In game one’s victory, he played Zilean and went 4/1/8. For game two’s defeat, after Zilean was banned away, he played Vladimir and went 4/3/2 in the loss. Game three saw Athena bring out Taliyah on whom he went 5/3/6 in the victory. For the final game of the series, we probably saw his best performance as he went 5/0/9 on Orianna in the victory.

Icon and Athena are great Mid Laners. I think that their diverse champion pools do allow them some versatility to play a multitude of different styles of champions. Athena may have the slight edge by coming off the win in their previous playoff match, but I definitely consider this matchup as “too close to call”.

AD Carry and Support

With the bottom lane duo, smlz and Five played all 37 games together. Smlz played nine unique champions during the split with a 4.18 KDA. His most played champion was Jhin on whom he also recently played in a win during their Week 10 Day 1 match against Snake Esports. However, smlz is only 5-6 on Jhin for the regular season, while his most successful champions have been Kog’Maw (3-0 record), Sivir (2-0 record), and Ziggs (2-0 record). He is also 0-4 in the regular season on Varus, which is a very surprising statistic to me. As for Five, he sports a 2.99 KDA for the regular season over the nine unique champions that he played. Zyra was the most popular with 11 games going 5-6, but his most successful champion was Karma with a 2-0 record.

With iMay, it was the Jinjiao and Road show. Jinjiao played Ashe in game one’s victory (3/0/7), game two’s loss (1/4/5), game three’s victory (3/0/10), and then, because it was banned away in game four, he brought out Caitlyn and went 4/1/6 with her. As for Road, it was a tale of two roads as he played Lulu in games one (1/0/11) and two (0/2/6) and Karma in games three (0/1/13) and four (1/1/9).

I think that this is where OMG is going to be able to shine the most in this match. Smlz and Five have played very well all split and are definitely one of the better duo lanes in the LPL right now. I think that smlz and Five will be able to easily win this lane matchup against Jinjiao and Road of iMay.

Prediction: OMG 3-2

This is a very tough match to call. I think that the Top Lane and Jungle Matchups do favor iMay and the bottom lane matchup favors OMG. This leaves the Mid Lane matchup, which I just give the slightest edge to Athena and iMay. However, I think that the bottom lane duo of slmz and Five are going to be able to propel OMG to the Semifinals in a 3-2 victory.

LPL Spring 2017 Playoffs – Quarterfinal Match 2

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