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LPL Spring 2017 Playoffs – Quarterfinal Match 1

Newbee pulled off a 3-1 victory over Invictus Gaming advancing to play EDward Gaming in the quarterfinals. Will Newbee's run come to an end or will EDward Gaming falter like Invictus Gaming did?

Newbee was able to rattle off three straight victories in their match against Invictus Gaming to win 3-1 and make it through to the quarterfinals. Now standing in their way are their fellow group mates, 2nd place EDward Gaming.

EDward Gaming earned their quarterfinal birth by finishing second in Group B. After Week 1, it was EDward Gaming who had the top spot. After a 1-1 week in Week 2, EDward Gaming dropped to 2nd in the group. Another strong week and a 0-2 week by QG Reapers led EDG back to 1st. After Week 4, EDG tried their hardest but could not catch up to Team WE in the standings and finished with the same match record at 11-5. However, their game record of 26-14 and a 65% winning percentage led them to the #2 seed while Team WE earned a semifinal birth with an 11-5 match record, 25-12 game record, and a 68% win percentage.

In the regular season split, EDward Gaming and Newbee played two matches splitting their season series 1-1. Newbee won their first matchup on Week 2 Day 4 2-0 with EDward Gaming answering in 2-1 fashion on Week 8 Day 4.

Top Lane

EDward Gaming’s Top Lane was occupied by three different players in the regular season. Mouse played a majority of the time there with 32 games played, Koro1 played six games, and Minn played two games. Mouse had a big affinity towards Maokai in the top lane, playing 25% of his games on the champion and having a 7-1 record on him. During that time, Gragas came back into the meta in the Top Lane where Mouse played him seven games and had a 5-2 record. As for Newbee, V played three different champions in their 3-1 victory over Invictus Gaming in Round 1. He played Fizz in game one (6/1/1), Rumble in game two (4/3/7), and Nautilus in game three (2/0/4).

I think that EDward Gaming’s Top Lane is a bit stronger, but I don’t think that this is going to be the key matchup for these teams. However, I do think that the Top Lane matchup will favor EDward Gaming.


EDward Gaming had two different Junglers this split. Clearlove played four games for EDward Gaming in the Jungle and went 2-2 in those games with a 3.90 KDA. The majority of the games however were played by Fireloli. In his 36 games, Kha’Zik and Lee Sin were his primary champions, as he played 10 games on each of them. The only champion that he did not have any success on out of the eight champions that he played was Gragas as he went 0-2 on the champion. However, I do not see that being an issue as Gragas is more of a Top Lane pick right now compared to the Jungle. With Newbee, Swift did play three different Junglers in his match. It was Elise in game one for Swift (3/1/5), Lee Sin in game two (3/3/5), and Gragas in game three (2/1/8).

Junglers have always been important in matchups between teams. I think that Lee Sin is probably going to be one of the more contested picks in this series as Rengar and maybe Kha’Zix should be banned away this match. Keep an eye out on some more obscure picks coming from the Jungle, such as the possible Gragas, Ivern, or maybe a Rek’Sai to be the picks that win this matchup. I think that Swift does have a better feel right now with Patch 7.7 being played on stage, and his 3-0 game record on it so far proves that. I am going to give the edge to Newbee in the Jungle.

Mid Lane

EDward Gaming only had one Mid Lane player throughout this split – Scout. A 4.53 KDA is nothing to scoff at in the Mid Lane. Score was tied at the end of the season in MVP honors with doinb from Royal Never Give Up and Rookie from Invictus Gaming, something he should be proud of. Over the 40 games that Scout played, Ryze was definitely his most successful champion, having a 4-0 record on him. Another power pick from Scout was his Taliyah, as he did go 4-1 on “The Stoneweaver” during the regular season. As for Newbee, Coco decided to go a little Jayce happy during the three games of their series. He played him all three games, going 4/0/4 in game one, 3/3/9 in game two, and 4/2/9 in game three.

Towards the end of the season, Newbee relied a lot on Coco to carry them into the playoffs. However, in this matchup, EDward Gaming definitely has the advantage. I don’t see EDward Gaming “wasting” a ban on Jayce, but I think that he could definitely be picked away in this match as Scout did go 3-2 on him during in regular season.

AD Carry and Support

Finally, the bottom duo lane was where Zet, the AD Carry, and Meiko, the Support, did a lot of the work. Over their 40 games, both of them had a 4.61 KDA. Zet only surprisingly played five unique champions throughout the split, with almost half of his games, 18 in fact, on Ashe, and had a 10-8 record on her. Jhin was his most successful champion, as he went 4-0 on him, but I don’t see him being played much in this series as he has fallen out of the meta. As for Meiko, Zyra was his power pick. He played her 10 games and went an impressive 9-1 on her.

For Newbee, Lwx, the AD Carry, and Mor, the Support had a good match in their own rights. Lwx played Varus in game one (4/3/9), then Caitlyn in game two (4/0/5) and game three (7/1/2). A 7.75 KDA is nothing to scoff at in terms of the playoffs. As for Mor, he played three different champions with Malzahar in game one (1/4/11), Lulu in game two (0/3/10), and Braum in game three (0/3/10). A 3.20 KDA is not the best for a Support at this level, but I think that they are still okay numbers, and the fact that he played both a utility style champion and a tank style champion were very important.

The Duo Lane can usually be a deciding factor in a match. There doesn’t seem to be too much in the way of differences in this matchup here, but I think that EDward Gaming’s duo lane has done significantly better over the regular season compared to Newbee’s ever changing bottom lane. So for that, the advantage goes to EDward Gaming.

Prediction: EDward Gaming 3-1

I think that the Jungle pressure from Newbee and Swift is going to be impactful in this matchup, but I don’t think that it is going to be enough for Newbee to pick up the series victory. Scout, Zet, and Meiko are going to be the key factors in EDward Gaming winning this match, and they will do so by a score of 3-1.

Jason Woolem

I recently received my Masters Degree in Applied Analytics, and look forward to using it to show everyone the in-depth world of stats as it comes to the professional scene of League of Legends.

LPL Spring 2017 Playoffs – Quarterfinal Match 1

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