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LoL Team Spotlight: LCK’s kt Rolster

A look at the second best League team in the world, kt Rolster. What defines them and what makes them win?

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kt Rolster has a history in the competitive scene. A history of being that one lineup that tears through the regular season only to fall short in the playoffs. But it seems that KT are ready to put the past behind them as they make a serious claim to being the second-best team in the world.

What defines them and makes them win one game after another?

Team Overview

KT came into the 2017 Spring Split with possibly the most stacked roster to date. The veteran lineup of Smeb, Score, PawN, Deft, and Mata told everyone and everywhere that this team meant business. Each of its players was a superstar that could have an entire team built around them. But to see them all play together—now that’s a sight that you couldn’t help getting excited for.

But can this roster live up to such tremendous expectations?

The Slow Starters

Now, when the team has a 10-3 win/loss record in the LCK, it’s safe to say that yes, yes it could. But things weren’t always that seamless for kt Rolster. The start of their season was very much rough around the edges, and the team seemed to rely less on strategy and more on its veteran players and their team fighting prowess. It wasn’t uncommon to see KT secure advantages over the laning phase only to find that they have no clue on how to push their lead in the mid game.

But as the season went on, a very different kt Rolster started to emerge. Their play style got more focused and more explosive, and the team was ready to pull the trigger at the slightest misstep from its opponents. And they wouldn’t let go until they’d gone all the way to the enemy Nexus.

The pinnacle of this style was displayed in the team’s back-to-back series against their biggest rival, SK Telecom. kt Rolster went from slow starters to early game monsters that could manage to get the snowball going even against the #1 LCK team. But that’s not to say that the early game became their defining feature—KT’s shot calling also became top-notch and their team fighting was still in a league of its own. And even though both matches ended in 1-2 losses, KT have shown that they can give the best team in the world a run for its money.

The Shining Stars

It’s hard to pinpoint the star players on such a stacked lineup. However, kt Rolster still has members that shine most—namely, Score and Deft.

With a 4.9 KDA, 4.8 CS per minute, and 70.8% kill participation, Score is currently the main contender for the title of the best jungler in the world. And his exceptional pathing and game sense are the primary reasons for KT’s newfound early game dominance. His teammate, Deft, is a mechanical prodigy. Sporting a 5.7 KDA, 8.9 CS per minute, and 633 DPM (highest in the league), Deft routinely takes over team fights and finds success even in this non-ADC-centric meta.

Do you think KT have a shot at winning the 2017 LCK Spring Split Playoffs? Let us know your opinion in the comments!

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LoL Team Spotlight: LCK’s kt Rolster

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