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LoL Roster Moves: Stunt, Shady, and Swifte

P1 is looking to fill the void left by the departure of Adrian. What do their new supports bring to the table? 

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Phoenix1 is looking to fill the void left by the departure of Adrian. They’re doing this by adding William “Stunt” Chen and Jordan “Shady” Robinson to the roster. What do these player bring to the table?

A Puzzling Stunt

The former DIG substitute, Stunt, is likely to take the starting position on the Phoenix1 lineup, as the more experienced of the two newcomers. That being said, he’s only had three games this season. One series against Team Envy that Dignitas ended up winning and a single game against Team Liquid that concluded in a loss. With a 3.5 KDA, Stunt has looked well on ranged supports, although his Thresh play left a lot to be desired.

His teammate, Shady, is a complete rookie. He was previously a collegiate player and a support for Robert Morris University but, of course, LCS in an entirely different beast to this type of competition.

The Other Part of The Duo

One thing to note is how this will affect Phoenix1’s bot lane dynamic. Their AD carry, Arrow, is currently considered to be the best player in his role in North America. He’s a veteran AD carry with exceptional mechanics and a monstrous 4.9 KDA. His synergy with Adrian wasn’t great but it was good enough to allow Arrow to make it through the laning phase and to the mid game where he shined most.

And while a player of Arrow’s caliber has what it takes to direct his rookie supports, the bigger issue is communication. Arrow is still new to North America and his English isn’t on a level where he can effectively micromanage his teammates. Unless one of the rookie supports steps up to the challenge, Phoenix1’s bot lane is bound to take a hit.

A Swifte Change

With Dignitas letting go of their substitute player, the team has turned to NA Solo Queue to find a replacement. They’ve chosen Johnny “Swifte” Ngo. If you don’t know who Swifte is, he’s a Solo Queue Challenger player that’s best known for his incredible Thresh mechanics. Of course, climbing the ladder is vastly different from the competitive play, and it will be interesting to see how Swifte adapts to the big stage under the guidance of his teammates.

Which of these roster moves do you think will have the biggest impact on the 2017 LCS? Let us know in the comments below!

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LoL Roster Moves: Stunt, Shady, and Swifte

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