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LoL Roster Moves: Splyce parts ways with coach Gevous

Splyce is making more roster changes by removing Gevous from the head coach position. Is this a good idea?

The EU LCS organization Splyce has announced that it’s parting ways with its head coach Fayan “Gevous” Pertijs. The official reason for the move is that Gevous wasn’t providing much more than “adequate” results, which the org wasn’t content with. In an improvised AMA on the League of Legends subreddit, the team’s CEO Marty “lazerchicken” Strenczewilk confirmed that all the players and staff members are behind the move.

And while that’s all fine and dandy, is it a good idea to switch up the coaching staff so late in the season?

Grand Ambitions

Whatever you think about Splyce’s roster management, you have to commend their motivation. Every move of theirs is dictated by the singular goal of reaching Worlds, and—with that in mind—it’s not surprising that they’re willing to make drastic changes. This was the reason Splyce parted ways with its first head coach—Jakob “YamatoCannon” Mebdi—and now coach Gevous suffered the same fate.

In the past, Gevous made a name for himself coaching teams like SK Gaming, Natus Vincere, SuperMassive, and—finally—the Brazilian RED Canids lineup. Under his guidance, RED Canids took full advantage of a 7-man roster to win the CBLoL Spring Split with a confident 3-0 against Keyd Stars in the finals. Unfortunately, this wealth of experience didn’t seem to translate into the EU LCS. 

According to the official announcement, there was an evident “lack of chemistry” between the coach and the players, which made it difficult to prepare for the final games of the season. One could argue that a part of a single split isn’t enough to showcase the talent of an up-and-coming coach like Gevous. But Splyce’s idea of prioritizing immediate results to reach the 2017 World Championship makes just as much sense.

This isn’t the first time that an EU LCS team has made last-minute changes to its coaching staff. In the 2017 Spring Split, Fnatic parted ways with its head coach Nicholas “NicoThePico” Korsgård right on the verge of playoffs. Surprisingly enough, the decision worked out. Fnatic salvaged their shaky split with a 3rd place finish in playoffs and turned into a full-fledged European powerhouse in the 2017 Summer.

But it’s still up to debate whether Splyce can do the same. Right now, they’re sitting at the 6-4 record in group B and are behind H2K and Unicorns of Love in the standings. Their playoffs spot is practically guaranteed, but showing up there might be a tall order for a lineup with no head coach and in-game direction.

What do you think about head coach Gevous leaving Splyce in the EU LCS? Share your opinion in the comments below!

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LoL Roster Moves: Splyce parts ways with coach Gevous

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