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LoL Roster Moves: LS to coach Tempo Storm, SELFIE to play Mid

Tempo Storm are going all-in on their attempt to get into the NA LCS by bringing in LS and Selfie to their roster. How do their chances look?

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The news that Nick “LS” De Cesare and Marcin “SELFIE” Wolski are joining the organization came in an ESPN article by Jacob Wolf. LS is a coach, analyst, and color commentator for LCK’s SPOTV broadcast, while SELFIE is a seasoned veteran with experience in the EU LCS and Challenger Series. Can the two make Tempo Storm succeed?

Rocky Road

Tempo Storm came into the Challenger Series in the 2017 Spring season, ready to prove its worth and qualify for the NA LCS. But the team’s efforts were thwarted by the stacked lineups of two fellow Challenger teams—GCU and eUnited. With both the Challenger Series becoming more competitive and the prospect of franchising appearing on the horizon, it was clear that Tempo Storm needed to either get out or get serious.

The team chose to do the latter.

Tempo Storm’s owner, Andrey “Reynda” Yanyuk, claims that he wants to build a strong roster with a world-class support staff to assist it. Signing LS to coach the team seems to be the first step in this direction. When you consider that LS has already coached teams like SUPA HOT CREW, Gamers2, and Gravity Gaming, it’s clear that he doesn’t lack experience. A single glance at his Youtube channel would let you know that he’s well-versed in the inner workings of League of Legends.

However, LS has always focused more on the strategic aspect of the game instead of cultivating a positive team atmposhere—something that many coaches stress as being key in modern League of Legends. This will be even more emphasized by the fact that LS won’t be with the team full-time and instead will be coaching them remotely from Korea.

Similar feats have been attempted in the past but have mostly proven to be inefficient. And even though LS isn’t going to have as much pressure on him due to coaching a Challenger team, he’s bound to face the difficulties that inevitably come in the way of long-distance coaches.

As for the team’s new mid laner, SELFIE, he’s most notable for his time on teams like SUPA HOT CREW, FC Schalke 04, and Misfits. Despite providing consistently good performances, SELFIE had trouble finding stability. The good news is that he has already worked with LS on SUPA HOT CREW, so the two are likely to have some synergy together. Hopefully, that will be enough for SELFIE—and Tempo Storm—to leave a mark on the League of Legends scene.


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LoL Roster Moves: LS to coach Tempo Storm, SELFIE to play Mid

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