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LoL Roster Moves: Immortals sign former ROX coach, Ssong

Immortals add Ssong to their roster! How will the Korean head coach affect the North American team?

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The news that Sang-soo “Ssong” Kim will be taking on the role of Immortals’ head coach surfaced on the team’s website. Most recently, Ssong has worked with Longzhu Gaming. But his biggest accomplishment was coaching ROX Tigers in the 2016 Summer Split when they took first place in the most competitive league in the world—LCK. Will his vast experience turn the tide for the struggling North American lineup?

Steps in the Right Direction

There’s no denying that Immortals went through their fair share of hardships last season. They’ve had inconsistent performances throughout the whole Split, which resulted in the team missing their chance to take part in Playoffs. Worse, Immortals looked disjointed in-game. More often than not their play hinged on their superstar jungler, Dardoch. If he were to stumble, there was no Plan B. In a world where every team strives to be more than a sum of its parts, Immortals looked like five Solo Queue players desperately trying to work their way around the map.  

While some of it could be attributed to personality clashes, a lot of the blame for this fell on the head coach. It makes sense. After all, who else should be responsible for turning talented individuals into a cohesive unit? Fortunately for Immortals, their newest recruit looks like the right man for the job. During his time on ROX Tigers, Ssong built up a strong team from five drastically different players, helping them claim an LCK title—something that’s considered even more challenging than winning a World Championship.

This already makes Ssong a massive asset, but the fact that he’s from Korea means that he will also be able to find common ground with the team’s top laner—Flame. It’s no secret that Flame has had a hard time working with his teammates outside of the laning phase. His roams often fell flat, his Teleports were mistimed and his teamfight positioning seemed out of place. Perhaps a Korean coach will finally be able to turn Flame into a vital cog for the Immortals machine.

The only issue with the move is that it exposes Immortals to more communication difficulties. Even though coach Ssong will be working with a translator, meanings tend to get lost and explanations often get cluttered. But Ssong is a League of Legends veteran, and we have no doubt that he’ll manage to find ways to work around these problems.

Immortals depend on it.


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LoL Roster Moves: Immortals sign former ROX coach, Ssong

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