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LoL Roster Moves: Adrian to Team Liquid

TL continue to restructure their roster by adding an ex-P1 support, Adrian. How will this change affect the team?

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In a recent Facebook post, Team Liquid announced that they’re adding an ex-Phoenix1 support, Adrian “Adrian” Ma, to their lineup. The move is supposed to add options to Team Liquid as they try to rebuild their bot lane. So far, the team seems to be intent on going with their starter, Matt, for Week 7.

But what does this mean for Team Liquid’s future?

Avoiding Relegation… At All Cost

Liquid Matt hasn’t been doing great recently. His play hasn’t been horrid per se but it’s clear that he’s had synergy issues with both of his AD carries. That’s why it’s a smart move on Team Liquid’s part to do everything in their power to avoid a potential repeat of the exact same situation.

And that’s where Adrian comes in. With a 3.8 KDA throughout the season, Adrian has always been a solid support. You won’t see him making flashy plays or absolutely dominating the opposition, but he has a good grasp on the role’s fundamentals. He’s the type of support that covers well for any possible mistakes that his ADC could make. 

Clash of Styles

Of course, this type of play style doesn’t mesh with the team’s AD carry. Doublelift is someone that plays to win as opposed to playing not to lose. Even if it leaves him vulnerable, Doublelift likes to go aggressive in lane and in team fights and relies on his game sense and stellar mechanics to make it out alive. This doesn’t exactly mix with Adrian’s safer play style, which might be one of the reasons why Team Liquid wants to try out Matt first. 

Still, there’s one more question left to answer…

Why Did The Swap Happen At All?

It’s clear that Team Liquid has a lot to gain from this move. But what about Adrian’s former team, Phoenix1, who agreed to let go of their starting support? We can only speculate what deals went on behind the scenes. But an important thing to note is that Adrian supposedly had a personality clash with his teammates.

In particular, a pre-game interview comes to mind where Adrian praised the team’s substitute jungler, Meteos, and seemed to imply that he dislikes playing with Phoenix1’s very own Inori. Of course, that’s a complete speculation and there may very well be other reasons for the move.

Do you think this was the right move for Adrian and Team Liquid? Let us know in the comments!

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LoL Roster Moves: Adrian to Team Liquid

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