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LoL 2017 Spring Split: P1 vs C9 W5D3

P1 vs C9! Can Phoenix1’s Meteos pull off an upset against his old team? Read on and find out!

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Phoenix1 are at their best when they manage to secure an advantage in the early game. They know how to push their leads and are quick to close out the games with stellar rotations and team fights. But playing from behind has definitely not been this lineup’s forte, as they start forcing reckless plays that lead to even larger deficits. That being said, the team’s dynamic might be very different this week, as Meteos is temporarily replacing Inori in the jungle.

Cloud9 are the undisputed kings of NA LCS. Every new game of theirs is better than the previous one, and they’ve been breezing through their competition. Their macro game is solid, their individual talent is off the charts, and the synergy is top-notch.

Match Preview

Top Lane Matchup

When you match up P1 zig to C9 Impact, it almost doesn’t seem fair. With a 3.0 KDA and 7 CS per minute, zig has always been a decent frontliner on his team. But this time it’s not going to be enough as Impact will make sure to exploit his weaker laning phase. Sporting a 6.2 KDA and 8.3 CS per minute, Impact towers above zig and secures a win for Cloud9 in the top lane.

Jungle Matchup

Contractz has been a great addition to the C9 roster. He’s a mechanically adept jungler that knows what and where he has to do to secure an advantage for his team. As for P1 Meteos, he has always been renowned for his smart pathing and power farming play style. But the current gank-heavy meta might be a tough fit for him, as Meteos was never the one to force plays. Contracts overtakes Meteos in terms of aggression and sheer mechanical talent.

Mid Lane Matchup

C9 Jensen is a monster. A single glance at his 7.0 KDA and 10.1 CS per minute is enough to make you realize that this guy is extraordinary. Jensen knows how to pressure his opponents in lane, he’s great at avoiding ganks, and he’s a major threat in every team fight he takes part in. P1’s Ryu just doesn’t measure up in comparison. With a 3.5 KDA and 8.7 CS per minute, Ryu is a solid mid laner that fluctuates between good and middling performances. But he’s in for a rough time in this matchup, as C9 Jensen will be sure to put Ryu to a test.

Bot Lane Matchup

The Arrow and Adrian bot lane is the strongest point of the Phoenix1 lineup. With a 4.8 KDA and 8.5 CS per minute, Arrow is an extremely gifted AD carry that stands above his competition. With a 3.4 KDA, Adrian isn’t as talented as him, but he’s great on ranged support and can always back up his teammate. The C9 bot lane is the complete opposite, as Sneaky takes a step back with his 3.8 KDA and 8.4 CS per minute and the spotlight is on Smoothie. With an incredible 6.2 KDA, Smoothie is a clutch support that enables so many great plays for C9. It’s close, but the support discrepancy matters a lot more in the bot lane. Another lead for Cloud9.


It’s going to be an uphill battle for Phoenix1. Their synergy is bound to take a hit due to the absence of their starting jungler. And the individual talent and the macro play of the C9 lineup are just too much for P1 to handle. A 2-0 victory for Cloud9. 

Match Time – Sunday February 19th 6pm ET – Watch live here.

Who do you have winning this huge match up? Let us know in the comments!

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LoL 2017 Spring Split: P1 vs C9 W5D3

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