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LoL Plays of the Week: EU, NA, LCK Week 9

We recap the best from around the EU, NA and LCK in Week 9's action!

It was extremely difficult to choose the top 5 plays this week as it has been a truly remarkable week. The Baron Nashor steals were extraordinary this week. Supports have gone wild getting Quadra kills and stealing Barons, base races that will keep you on the edge of your seat and outplays that were jaw-dropping. This week you will be hearing the name Max mentioned a lot as he was incredible against KT and almost singlehandedly made sure that MVP took home the series. Fnatic also had a very interesting series that was very fun to watch. It’s safe to say that this week was the best week of this split thus far.

Shy outplays Crazy and Bless (skip to :21)

Shy managed to play phenomenally the turret dive that Crazy and Bless had planned for him. After Elise landed cocoon and stunned him temporarily, Crazy’s Maokai ulted in order to provide help for the turret dive and stunned him as well. Immediately after the stuns of Maokai’s W and Elise’s cocoon ended, Shy used an ultimate on Elise and flashed instantly. Elise started getting hit from the Turret which eventually led to her death. Maokai had to run away and thus the Turret dive failed.

Max’s hook of his lifetime (skip to 6:00)

The series between KT and MVP would have ended with a different result if it weren’t for Max, MVP’s support. The first game of the series was going in KT’s favor and 36 minutes into the game, KT started on Baron. MVP were caught a bit by surprise since only 3 members of their team were close to the Baron pit and they couldn’t risk getting inside the pit because they would be annihilated in a matter of seconds. Just as Baron was getting low on HP, Max decided to try and hook it and he actually got it. Thresh’s hook has very little damage, so the timing was more than perfect.

Max gets a Quadra this time (skip to 4:10)

Max was on fire this game as well. After the legendary hook in game 1, he managed to get a Quadra kill in game 2. Being 10k gold down, MVP were in dire need for a good play. Four members of KT were chasing MVP’s ADD and right at that moment, they didn’t see that Max’s Sion was hiding behind a wall waiting to stun them and knock them up. He used a perfect combo of Flash and Ultimate to make sure that no one escaped.

Doublelift instakills Bjergsen (skip to 2:32)

This one was quite interesting to watch as Doublelift, an ex-teammate of Bjergsen’s was facing him and TSM for the first time. 23 minutes into the game, Doublelift’s Ezreal was hiding in the top side’s bush which Bjergsen wasn’t aware of. Doublelift first used his ultimate and then used a combo of Q+ E+W and killed Bjerg in a matter of seconds.

Caps backdoors to win the game against GIANTS! (skip to 3:18)

Caps picked a surprising champ this week as he picked Kayle and carried hard. Just 24 minutes into the game, he decided to sneak from behind and destroy both of the Nexus Turrets while GIANTS! were trying to win a teamfight around the Baron pit.

Did we miss any top plays? Let us know your opinion in the comments!

LoL Plays of the Week: EU, NA, LCK Week 9

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