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LoL Meta Report: Top 7 Changes of Patch 7.7

With Patch 7.7 released, we take a look at the biggest changes thus far!

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Patch 7.7 is a big one, but the changes aren’t as overbearing as you might think. We analyze and break down these developments.

Amumu is Viable?

Amumu got a bunch of changes that will improve his clear speed and ramp up his damage. Most importantly, his passive now causes 15% of his magic damage to be added as true damage after Amumu has tagged his target with a basic attack. And the Despair [W] damage/tick rate tweaks are nice quality of life changes that will make it easier for Amumu to navigate through his own jungle. But is this enough to make him a recurring pick in pro play? Probably not. After all, Amumu still lacks the ability to duel most conventional junglers. But this is definitely a step in the right direction to add more jungle variety to the game.

Bard Passive Rework

Bard’s passive rework is a complex one. The gist of it is that the meeps will now bring much more utility at the earlier levels. Once again, this is an effort on Riot’s part to slowly squeeze out mages from the support role and bring back more conventional picks. Considering that Bard has already been a staple support pick in the competitive setting, these changes are definitely welcome.

Camille Gutted

Camille gets hit with two strong nerfs that will cut down her early game power. Her Tactical Sweep [W] no longer grants 10% heal against minions or monsters, and you now have to land it on a champion to get the desired effect. The duration of her ultimate has also been decreased for the early levels. While this doesn’t change Camille’s late game monster status, it makes her a lot more exploitable in the laning phase. This means that we might finally see Camille depart from the must-ban status.

Galio Tuned

Galio’s combo was too oppressive. The champion got damage reductions on his passive and Winds of War [Q]. Even though Riot tried to compensate for the changes with the added AP scaling, these are still clear-cut nerfs to everyone’s favorite gargoyle.

Graves has no MR

That’s right, boys and girls, Graves’s Quickdraw [E] no longer grants him magic resistance. While this change is huge, it doesn’t address the main thing that makes Graves such a potent pick—his devastating damage. In the early game, the changes are almost negligible since you wouldn’t get many True Grit stacks anyway. But it’s the mid/late game team fights that will expose the champion’s newfound weakness. Graves players will now have to take a careful look at their itemization, especially against double AP team compositions.

Kassadin Buffed

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Why the hell are Riot Games even buffing a champion with such an overloaded kit? Did they forget the days of Kassadin’s crushing dominance? But these changes aren’t actually that bad. The Nether Blade [W] tweak is more of a QoL change than anything else. And the cooldown reduction/added damage on Force Pulse [E] and Riftwalk [R] won’t amount to much more than an extra 100 damage per combo in the late game. Kassadin’s laning phase is still far too exploitable, which will always make him a risky pick in competitive.

Lux’s Ion Cannon

Everyone who’s played against late game Lux knows that her cooldowns are ridiculously short for how powerful they are. In particular, her Final Spark [R] can often be spammed twice per team fight, provided that Lux has 45% CDR. Well, it’s about to get worse because Riot decided to give her ultimate a 50% cooldown refund if she kills an enemy champion with it. Brace yourselves, lads, because the laser barrage is coming.

What do you think are the biggest changes in this patch? Share your thoughts in the comments! 

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LoL Meta Report: Top 7 Changes of Patch 7.7

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