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LoL Meta Report: Top 6 Changes of Patch 7.6

Patch 7.6 has many slight tweaks that can fly under the radar. We analyze and break down the changes.

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Patch 7.6 is the Playoffs patch so understandably, Riot didn’t introduce any groundbreaking changes. But there are still many slight tweaks that can fly under the radar. We analyze and break down their effect on the current meta.

Galio is Out!

The biggest change is Galio’s rework! We’ve already covered it in a separate article but for now, let’s just say that Galio is looking good. His kit has everything that a top laner could wish for, not to mention that his roaming potential is insane. But it’s hard to pinpoint his exact place in the meta since people have been experimenting with Galio in every role there is. All that’s left is to see what pro players can do with him on the big stage.

Miss Fortune Cast Times Gone

After getting gutted in Patch 7.5, Miss Fortune has now received some substantial buffs. There’s a nice tweak to her Double Up [Q] damage but the biggest thing is that all her abilities—barring the ultimate—no longer have cast times. Whenever a buff like that comes around, the champion becomes that much more fluid to play. So whether it’s trading, harassing, or shaking off pursuers, Miss Fortune will now feel a lot smoother in both the AD carry and the support role.  

Warlord’s Bloodlust can Crit

Riot continues to tune Warlord’s Bloodlust. This time the sustain should feel more noticeable (from 1-50% life steal to restoring health equal to 3-40% total attack damage). But the real kicker is that your heals can now crit. Warlord’s has already become a go-to keystone for crit-based AD carries like Caitlyn but now it will be that much more potent.

Riot is Still Trying to Make Aatrox Work

I’ll admit, I was one of the souls that were deceived into thinking Aatrox might be viable. However, there quite a few nerfs woven into Patch 7.5 mini-rework. This time, Riot’s trying to make it right by reducing Dark Flight [Q] cooldown, adding more damage to Blood Price [W], and tweaking his base health and passive. But in a meta where top lane is dominated by lane bullies and utility picks, one has to wonder whether a champion like Aatrox can ever make an appearance.

Fiddlesticks Might be Able to Clear

Poor, poor Fiddle. The champion’s been one of the biggest victims of the Season 7 jungle update, as he’s gone from having one of the safest clears in the game to barely being able to fight off a Raptor camp. The Drain [W] cooldown reduction should make the jungle more manageable for him, but it’s the range increase on his Terror [Q] that drew our attention. Now Fiddle’s ganks will get that much-needed extra oomph, and he might even make a resurgence in the support role.

Pug’Maw is Out

The skin meta isn’t something we usually cover but these are just too juicy pass on. Moo Cow Alistar, Pug’Maw, Renektoy, and Superhero Kennen are officially in the game! With these, League will become quite a bit more enjoyable for the skin owners and much more annoying for everyone else. Oh, well! At least we can thank Riot for making these skins for champions that are actually in the meta.

What do you think are the biggest changes in this patch? Share your thoughts in the comments! 

Daniil Volkov

I craft narratives around League of Legends and cover LCK, NA & EU LCS.

LoL Meta Report: Top 6 Changes of Patch 7.6

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