LoL Meta Report: Top 5 Changes of Patch 7.8
Daniil Volkov
League Of Legends

LoL Meta Report: Top 5 Changes of Patch 7.8

By April 19, 2017
Image courtesy of Riot Games
Patch 7.8 is filled with surprisingly impactful tweaks and fixes. We analyze the most important changes.

As always, you can check the complete list of Patch 7.8 changes here. So without further ado, let's begin our breakdown!

Xayah and Rakan are out!

Well, they will be out on this patch to be precise. We’ve already covered the lovely AD carry/support duo, so you can read up on our Xayah and Rakan first impressions to make the wait more bearable. Another cool thing about them is that you can gift the champions to your friends with IP! The release is also accompanied by a bunch of nice bonuses like a double IP weekend and free summoner icons.

Malzahar nerfed

It’s clear that Riot don’t want support Malzahar to be a thing anymore. The Prophet of the Void gets a slight base armor cut but the real nerf is Voidling health reduction from 3 to 2. This will make Malzahar’s Void Swarm [W] much less of a threat in the laning phase, and champions like Miss Fortune or Lulu will be able to kill his Voidlings with a single hit.

Nautilus gets Maokai treatment

Brace yourselves because the mana nerfs are coming! Nautilus got hit with a reduction to his base mana regen as well as an increased cost on his Riptide [E]. It’s obvious that Riot is trying to make him less overbearing in the laning phase where League’s Leading Anchorman pushes in most champions with little to no repercussions. That being said, Nautilus’s build path already includes a lot of mana items, so it’s unclear whether these changes will be enough to force him out of the meta.

Shen buffs

If there’s anyone who saw this coming, it definitely wasn’t me. Shen was already in a very good spot but he’s about to get even better with damage buffs to his Twilight Assault [Q] and decreased energy cost on Shadow Dash [E]. Of course, these changes come with slight nerfs to his wave clear, and Stand United [R] now scales with missing health, which means that your ally has to have low health to get a larger shield. Even so, these tweaks hardly matter when you consider how much better Shen will be in the laning phase.

Udyr stance rework

Udyr’s Tiger Stance [Q] and Turtle Stance [W] have been reworked into 3-hit passives. The effects remain pretty much the same in that Tiger Stance deals damage and Turtle Stance provides sustain, although these will feel a lot more… bursty. Oh, and ability costs have been adjusted to allow Udyr to freely switch between his stances. Of course, Udyr is still fairly one-dimensional, so I doubt these changes will be enough to bring him into competitive meta.  

What do you think about our breakdown? Agree? Disagree? Think we missed something? Share your thoughts in the comments! 

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