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LOL NA LCS: Apex Gaming Season 7 Preview

Ranked 29th in the world and standing at 6 in North America in 2016, will APX Gaming gain a more active and stable team to rise to the apex or will it be dissolved and acquire new form in Team Dignitas?

2016: Gaining Momentum

Apex Gaming’s 1st place (3-2-0) in the early NA CS Spring Split was the beginning of a good run of momentum for the team. Having veteran Saintvictorious leading the team, APX had an experienced leader with a roster of players with potential to not only get promoted but make some noise in the upcoming top level split.

2016 NA CS Spring Playoffs

The defeat of the veteran Team Diginitas by Team Dragon Knights (TDG) had people anticipating a new team in the Challenger circuit. But APX’s victory over TDG put APX on a chance to push on further. With a 3-1 performance against TDG, APX proceeded to join the NA LCS Summer Split at the game’s top level in North America.

2016 NA CS Summer Promotion

Being the top NA LCS teams, APX squared off to qualify against Team Renegades and Team Impulse. In the other bracket, Team Dragon Knights defeated Team Dignitas for a second time only to be defeated once again by APX with a 3-0 win streak.

2016 NA LCS Summer Split

With the top teams such as TSM, CLG, and C9 participating, APX seemed to have found a difficult spot surrounded by veterans. Although APX only managed to finish 7th with an 8-10 win/loss ratio, the team notched a considerable win against CLG wherein they took a 2-0 win over the powerhouse veteran team.

The 2016 aftermath and the 2017 Prediction

As a new team, APX still needs to work on their chemistry and individual lane play and address the team’s lack of a stable lineup. Although headed by Sainvictorious in 2016, the team seemed to be active only in the early parts of the year and stopped after their failure to qualify for the playoffs after the NA LCS Summer Split. Following Team Dignitas’ acquisition of APX’s roster, the team has seemed to fade out. Although they’ve hired a new head coach in the form of Crumbzz, the next step for APX seems uncertain only having three of the 10 original players are left after the 2016 season. What this uncertainty does is to leave us to anticipate a new APX roster or an APX roster under the name of Dignitas.

The acquisition of the Apex/Dignitas LoL team by the Philadelphia 76ers NBA franchise has thrown a wrench into the team’s organization. This complication has caused confusion for the team prior to the start of this season which can be evidently seen by the fact that they’ve only announced three players to their starting roster. What this eventually means is that the team is going to most likely struggle out of the gate come the Spring Split which is now less than 10 days away. A rocky start to the season can be the death of the team considering the stiff competition they’ll come up against throughout the North American circuit. They’ll most likely finish in the bottom third of the NA LCS and be forced in to the relegation zone to fight for a spot in the Summer Split.

Where do you think Apex/Dignitas will finish this Spring Split? Let us know why in the comments!

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LOL NA LCS: Apex Gaming Season 7 Preview

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