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LoL LCK: ESC Ever Season 7 Team Preview

Can Ever repeat their performance from the 2015 LoL KeSPA Cup or will they crumble under the pressure of the LCK?

ESC Ever take 2015 KeSPA Cup

In one of the most improbable runs in LCK history, upstart and newly formed team Ever stamped their name in League of Legends lore by winning the 2015 KeSPA Cup. The Challenger squad from South Korea defeated giants Samsung Galaxy (2-0), Rebels Anarchy (2-1), heavyweights SKT T1 (2-0) and top-flight team CJ Entus (3-0) in the finals. With that result, the team not only put themselves on the map in Korea but also directly qualified for IEM X Cologne giving them more time in the spotlight and more funds to work with. Ever built off that momentum and topped the 6-team tournament in Germany by taking down EU squad H2K (2-1) in the semis and then bringing home the trophy by defeating Chinese QG in an epic 3-2 BO5 final.

2016 Summer Promotion Bid

After breezing through the LCK Summer Challenger Split, Ever along with MVP qualified for the LCK Summer Promotion series to face off against SBENU and Kongdoo Monster from the LCK. In surprising fashion, MVP defeated Kongdoo Monster 3-1 and Ever swept SBENU 3-0 as both Challenger teams were awarded top-tier spots. Ever used a roster of ‘Crazy’ in the top lane, ‘Ares’ in the jungle, ‘Ryan’ at mid, and the duo of ‘Tempt’ and ‘LokeN’ in the bot lane to hand SBENU that harsh defeat and see their way through to the Korean first division of League of Legends. The squad were led by substitute ‘Bless’ in the jungle who had an 89.2 kill participation rate to go along with his 7 kills, 4 deaths, a team-leading 26 assists and an impressive 8.3 KDA. Not so far behind him was the ever so reliable ‘Crazy’ in the top lane who amassed 5 kills, 5 deaths and 21 assists in his team’s promotion win.

Having defeated the top-flight LoL teams in both the 2015 KeSPA Cup and IEM X Cologne, it was time for Ever to show what they could really do against the world’s best in their first season in the LCK.

2016 LCK Summer Split

One small roster change and it was off to the LCK. Ever moved ‘LoKeN’ from support to AD in the bot lane and brought in support player ‘Key’ who was previously on the reserves and currently plies his trade at rival ROX Tigers. With that roster the team kicked off the Summer Split with a resounding 2-0 win against Afreeca Freecs and followed that up with a 1-1 draw with CJ Entus. A 3-1 record going in to their bye week in Week 3 and it looked as if Ever were here to stay. However they continued their campaign with an 0-2 loss to Jin Air Green Wings and followed that up by going 2-11 to finish the split, placing the team 9th with a 5-13 record and back into the relegation zone. That poor showing in the middle and second half of the season was something that nobody saw coming in the LCK world and left many fans scratching their heads as to what happened to the once promising Ever. When it was all settled, the 2017 Spring Promotion Playoffs featured Ever and CJ Entus from the LCK and formerly relegated teams Kongdoo Monster and SBENU from the Challenger series.

2017 LCK Spring Promotion Playoffs

Facing a familiar promotion playoffs foe, Ever defeated SBENU 2-1 in a BO3 to advance to play Kongdoo Monster in a BO5 for a chance to remain in the LCK without having to play in the Losers bracket against 10th placed CJ Entus. Ever dropped that BO5 1-3 to Kongdoo and were forced into another BO5 against CJ Entus. Ever regrouped and managed to easily take the series 3-0 securing their spot in the 2017 Spring Split. The team were once again led by ‘LoKeN’ and ‘Tempt’ who played in all 10 games of the promotion playoffs. ‘LoKeN’ led the way with his 3.9 kills per game while ‘Crazy’ notched an astounding 11 KDA in six games of play. ‘Crazy’ was also first on the team with an average of 21.5k gold per game paving the way for victory and helping the team remain in the top flight of Korean League of Legends.

Ever 2017 LCK Spring Split Roster

Top Lane: Kim ‘Crazy’ Jae-Hee

Jungle: ‘BlesS’

Mid Lane: Kang ‘Tempt’ Myung-Gu

AD: Jang ‘Ghost’ Yong-jun

Support: Eun ‘Totoro’ Jong-Seop

This team comes in with a lot to prove and with many question marks surrounding their play. The top, jungle, and mid lane players remain the same but it’s in the bot lane where we see some changes. ‘Totoro’, who was used as Support in the Spring promotion playoffs, has now taken the starting spot on Ever’s roster. The team also signed AD ‘Ghost’ who is relatively new to professional League of Legends. In a very limited sample size, ‘Ghost’ did not perform well in his time as a sub with CJ Entus in the 2016 Summer Split. He played in two games against MVP, one as Twitch and one as Ashe, where he registered 0 kills, 5 deaths and 6 assists.

With so many powerhouse teams in the LCK, it’s difficult seeing an inexperienced and sporadic team such as Ever finish anywhere above 7th place. I’ll predict that they do remain in the LCK but this isn’t a team to be reckoned with when you have the likes of ROX Tigers, SKT T1, KT Rolster and Samsung Galaxy. 

Do you think ESC Ever will be able to keep their spot in the LCK? Let us know in the comments!

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LoL LCK: ESC Ever Season 7 Team Preview

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