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LoL LCK: KT Rolster Season 7 Team Preview

This great team rivaled the reigning champs SKT T1 and had once tried to dethrone the giants. This team isn’t one to be underestimated as one of Korea’s best.


KT Rolster are a powerhouse team and based on gosugamers.net are ranked 12th in the world and 4th in Korea. Even before they became a powerhouse team in 2017, many professional and big-named Korean players had played with the squad. Now, with the 7th season looming, we look at the augmentation and improvement this team had made in the offseason.

KT Rolster 2016 Season

They had a good performance in the recent LCK 2016 Spring Split where they finished 2nd in the regular season forging a record of 13-5. That record earned them a bye into the semifinal in the Spring Playoffs, where they faced SKT T1 but were then swept out 3-0, ending their split with a third place finish. After being unable to qualify to play in the recent World Championship, many of their players left the team. On November 24th,2016, Arrow (AD) and Hachani (Support) left. On November 28th, Ssumday (Top) and Fly (Mid) left leaving the team with some gaping holes they’d have to fill quickly before the start of the 2017 season.

KT Rolster Current Roster

Top – Smeb

Jungle – Score

Mid – Pawn

AD – Deft

Support – Mata

2017 Spring Split Outlook

We can see where this team is heading with that awesome and solid line-up. With Deft and Mata in the bot-lane they can easily crush many bot duos of other Korean Teams. While up in the top lane sits Korea’s best top laner Smeb who has achieved a fantastic KDA in his professional career. With this firm lineup on the rift, they will most likely level the strength of SKT T1 if not replace them as Korea’s and the World’s number one. This team will be the cause of huge excitement in the upcoming LCK which is becoming one of the most highly anticipated LoL seasons in history.

If you’re going to ask me? They are number one in Korea and also in the World.

With their roster moves, team chemistry and strong history as a solid performing team in the LCK and internationally, I’m predicting that KT Rolster either win or finish 2nd in the 2017 LCK Spring Split.

Where do you have KT Rolster finishing this season? Let us know in the comments!

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LoL LCK: KT Rolster Season 7 Team Preview

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