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New LoL Champion First Impressions: Xayah

After a long break, Riot came out of nowhere with a double champion release! We take a look at the AD carry, Xayah. 

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After a long break, Riot came out of nowhere with a double champion release! Such a turn of events is unusual for League of Legends, especially when you consider that these champions have built-in synergies with each other.

We take a look at the AD carry, Xayah, and analyze her strengths and weaknesses.

Champion Overview

Passive: Clean Cuts

After casting an ability, Xayah’s next auto attacks will have a piercing effect. In other words, she has a Twitch ultimate on her passive. Not many people seem to understand how huge a tool like this can be for wave clear and team fights. Oh, and the empowered auto attacks also leave feathers that synergize with the rest of her kit.

Q: Double Daggers

A line-shaped skillshot that damages all enemies in its path. Double Daggers seem to be Xayah’s main trading ability, as well as another way for her to clear those pesky minion waves. And this ability also leaves feathers at its landing point.  

W: Deadly Plumage

So this is Xayah’s version of an AD carry steroid. But unlike most steroids, it doesn’t just improve one particular stat. Instead, Deadly Plumage provides Xayah with an attack damage and attack speed buffs, as well as giving her bursts of movement speed when she hits enemy champions. And if that weren’t enough, this ability also affects the other new champion, Rakan. Steroids like these are always great for prolonged fights, but Xayah’s Deadly Plumage might also add quite a bit of burst and chasing power to her trades.

E: Bladecaller

Finally, we get to see what the feathers were about! Xayah draws feathers to herself and feathers deal damage to any enemies they strike on the way back. Moreover, if multiple feathers strike the target, it will be rooted for a short duration. Once again, Bladecaller gives Xayah a lot of wave clear and utility. It will also force both Xayah and her enemies to constantly keep track and play around her feathers.  

R: Featherstorm

A cone-shaped AOE spell isn’t the most impressive AD carry ultimate. But when you combine it with the brief untargetability, suddenly it becomes a lot more interesting. This spell will be massive in letting Xayah dodge burst both in lane and in team fights. And, of course, you could always use it as the additional damage source.

B: Recall                                                                                              

It’s not often that a champion’s Recall deserves its own section, but there’s something special about Rakan’s and Xayah’s backs. In particular, once one of them starts the channel, the other can walk up to them for a synchronized recall. While this doesn’t seem huge at first, you have to consider that one of the two—probably Rakan—will always be spamming recalls in lane to give the duo a free get out of jail card.

The Deadly Dance

At first glance, Xayah’s kit doesn’t seem as groundbreaking as Rakan’s. But the real power lies in the amount of wave clear she brings to the table. It’s no secret that wave manipulation is one of the most important things in pro play, and an AD carry that provides so much control over the minion waves won’t go unnoticed. When you combine that with her potent steroid and an incredibly powerful ultimate, you can be sure that we’ll see Xayah come up in competitive play.

Another thing to note is the heavy-handed synergy between her and Rakan. Things like shared buffs or synchronized recalls might seem trivial, but even the smallest differences can make these champions insanely difficult to balance.

Have you played with Xayah yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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New LoL Champion First Impressions: Xayah

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