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New LoL Champion First Impressions: Rakan

After a long break, Riot came out of nowhere with a double champion release! We take a look at the support, Rakan. 

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After a long break, Riot came out of nowhere with a double champion release! Such a turn of events is unusual for League of Legends, especially when you consider that these champions have built-in synergies with each other.

We take a look at the support, Rakan, and analyze his strengths and weaknesses.

Champion Overview

Passive: Fey Feathers

A passive shield that can appear more often if you attack enemy champions. A neat tool for Rakan’s up-close-and-personal combos but not too noteworthy on its own.

Q: Gleaming Quill

A poking ability that does damage to the enemies and gives an AOE heal to his allies. This will be Rakan’s main trading tool. In lane, you can use it to chip away at the enemy health bars and set up for an all-in, while the added sustain will be most welcome in team fights.

W: Grand Entrance

A dash with an AOE knock up! This will be a powerful tool for starting engages as well as letting Rakan escape his pursuers. It’s worth noting that there’s a slight delay on the knock up but it’s not long enough to allow for much outplay potential from anything other than a blink or a Flash.

E: Battle Dance

Rakan leaps to an ally and gives them a shield. He can recast the ability after a slight delay, giving him a better version of Lee Sin’s Safeguard [W]. And if that wasn’t enough, this ability has a unique interaction with the other new champion, Xayah, that makes Rakan capable of dashing to her from an increased distance.

R: The Quickness

Rakan breaks into a sprint, and damages and charms all enemies he touches. Even though it seems that Rakan can’t use any other abilities during The Quickness, this is an insane initiating tool. You can already imagine some nasty combos with Gleaming Quill [Q], Grand Entrance [W], and Flash. The added movement speed bonus after hitting the first enemy is the icing on this initiation-heavy cake.

B: Recall

It’s not often that a champion’s Recall deserves its own section, but there’s something special about Rakan’s and Xayah’s backs. In particular, once one of them starts the channel, the other can walk up to them for a synchronized recall to the base. And while this doesn’t seem huge at first, you have to consider that one of the two—probably Rakan—will always be spamming recalls in lane to give the duo a free get out of jail card.

Captivating Performance

While Rakan doesn’t offer much in terms of hard CC or damage, his kit is overloaded with mobility. We’d have to see the numbers on his Gleaming Quill [Q] to be sure, but it seems that his laning phase will be weaker than average. However, were he to get through it unscathed, Rakan can become the team’s initiator and a powerful peeling tool for his carries.

One thing to note is the heavy-handed synergy between him and Xayah. Things like increased dash distance or synchronized recall might look trivial, but even the smallest differences can make these champions insanely difficult to balance.

But besides that, will we see Rakan in pro play? Again, a lot hinges on his numbers. But with a unique kit like that, Rakan is sure to make a grand entrance onto the competitive stage.

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New LoL Champion First Impressions: Rakan

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