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LoL Champion Breakdown: Galio Rework

The next champion to be reworked is none other than Galio! How will Demacia’s Colossus fare in the current meta? 

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It’s been a while since anyone in the League of Legends scene has been excited to play Galio. Yet this statement is no longer true, as Riot Games have announced his rework! There’s still some room for speculation but the things we know look promising.

Champion Overview

Passive: Colossal Smash

The passive is the good old empowered auto attack. Not exactly groundbreaking. But the scaling from both AD and magic resist and cooldown reduction from spells are interesting touches.

Q: Winds of War

Two gusts of wind that deal damage along the way and form a vortex when they meet. This will be Galio’s primary tool for trading and wave clear. The skillshot itself seems a bit tricky, and I can already see Galio having some trouble against mobile targets.

W: Shield of Durand

A passive magic damage shield combined with an uninterruptable channeling AOE taunt. This ability would be massive if not for the fact that Galio’s move speed seems to slow down to a crawl during the channel. Still, I can see it being used as an engagement tool in combination with Flash or as a way to peel those pesky bruisers and assassins from your backline.

E: Justice Punch

Think Vi’s Vault Breaker but with less charge-up time. Unfortunately, the wind-up is still there and the ability looks telegraphed. It will be hard for Galio to use it to start team fights unless someone else sets him up.

R: Hero’s Entrance

This skill will make or break Galio. The Colossus flies into the air and surges towards his targeted ally. Not only that, but he also deals damage and knocks up nearby enemies upon landing. It’s still a bit unclear on how this ability works but the range on it seems on par with Twisted Fate’s ultimate or Taliyah’s wall. With this, Galio is sure to have a global presence.

Enter The Big Stage

The old Galio didn’t see much play in the pro scene with his last appearance being at 2016 All-Star tournament. But will the rework make him a more popular pick?

Well, yes and no. Riot seems to be intent on keeping Galio’s identity of an anti-mage champion. This, combined with Galio being a melee champion, already makes him a highly situational pick. Of course, a lot of it will come down to numbers. How high are his mana costs, how good is his wave clear, how long is his ultimate’s range? If these are adequate, then Galio can become a potent mid laner that pushes in his lane opponent and looks to make plays across the map.

His CC tools and innate tankiness open up up a lot of interesting team composition with damage-dealing top laners and junglers. And he can always be used for countering AP mid laner, although it’s unclear how well he can play this role. So, in the end, will the new Galio appear on the big stage?

Our answer is a confident, “Yes”.

Have you played the reworked Galio? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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LoL Champion Breakdown: Galio Rework

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