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LoL 2017 Spring Split Highlight Reel Week 5: Top Plays of the Week

We take a look at videos of the 5 best plays from around the LCK, NA and EU LCS in Week 5!

Plays of the Week

It may seem hard to top last week but this week has been incredible. NA LCS has been on fire, we’ve had two Pentakills, base races and a lot of shocking results. We must not forget as well the Baron steals that we’re seeing regularly now as well as outplays across the map. This Split, we’re seeing the rookies perform on a godlike level and we’re also seeing the veterans showing the world that they’ve still got what it takes to play on a top tier level. The Split is getting more exciting as we’re watching these plays and honestly it’s getting very difficult to decide what plays belong in the top 5 as we’re witnessing outplays and bloodbaths every week.

ADD gets a Quadra versus KT (skip to 4:37)

Trailing 10k gold behind KT and on the brink of losing the mid Inhibitor Turret, ADD seized an opportunity. MVP teleported behind the members of KT and decided to take matters into their own hands. Flashing and instantly killing Mata’s Tahm Kench and then using his ultimate to lockdown Deft’s Jhin with the help of Ian’s Jayce, Deft went insane and killed first Score’s Rengar and still somehow managed to catch up to Smeb’s Rumble thus securing a Quadrakill for himself.

Chaser steals Baron

FlyQuest made some very important picks in order to secure the vision around Baron and eventually start it. After killing Xspecial’s Zyra, they saw the perfect opportunity to take the Baron while having the advantage of being 5 v 4. They shredded the Baron Nashor’s health pretty quickly and thought that they secured it. They did everything possible to stop Chaser’s Kha’Zix from entering the Baron pit, firstly by using the Malzahar’s ultimate as well as using the ultimate from Jarvan just to lock him down but it turned out that they timed it wrong because with low health points he still managed to leap and enter the pit to smite it in time. This turned out to be a very crucial Baron because it turned the tide of the game for Dignitas.

Memento with the sick damage (skip to 1:23)

Febiven’s Leblanc and Jankos’ Lee Sin had perfectly planned to hide in the bush in the bot lane because they knew that NighT’s Ryze was hiding on the other bush. After seeing that there was no one else in that bush they decide to go all in against him and kill him but what they didn’t expect was Memento’s Graves coming and unleashing an incredible amount of damage and killing both LeBlanc and Lee Sin in the process.

Bjergsen gets the first Pentakill of the season

After losing the first series against Cloud9, TSM had some unfinished business against them and they managed to get back at them in style. 31 minutes into the game, TSM had a 7k gold lead and knew that it was time to get into a teamfight and secure the game, the first victim was Impact’s Shen, Contract’s Graves was next on the list. Cloud 9 knew that they had to run now but to no avail because Hauntzer’s Maokai was chasing them in order to stun them. Hauntzer flashed in order to reach Sneaky and Smoothie, Bjergsen immediately ulted them and almost instantly killing them. After getting all the Nexus turrets, Bjerg noticed that Jensen’s Corki was trying to stall them from ending the game and he immediately used his flash to reach Jensen and kill him.

Hai gets an insane Pentakill

With the game almost tied in gold and almost 30 minutes in, TSM was constantly trying to flank FlyQuest and make a game winning play. After the teamfight broke, Svenskeren flanked them from the river and thus killed Altec’s Jhin and immediately backed away. This was a signal for TSM that they could win the teamfight but it turned out that they couldn’t be more wrong. Hai managed to one shot Wildturtle and Biofrost and then continued to pick the other members of TSM one by one and got a sick Pentakill in the process. 

What was your favorite moment from Week 5? Let us know in the comments!

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