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LJL: DetonatioN Gaming or Rampage? Best Team in LJL Summer

Japan's LJL is split between two powerhouses in DetonatioN Gaming and Rampage, both tied at the top of the Summer Split. Who is the top dog?

DetonatioN Gaming

Originally an FPS team (with Counter Strike,) in 2013, the same year as the LJL started, it became an organization creating their own League of Legends team named Detonation Focusme.

The team became full-time salaried players in February of 2015, and moved into a gaming house in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. After immense training and multiple roster changes, the team finally landed as Champions of Japan’s LJL in 2014.

FocusMe then swiftly dominated the first split of the league in 2015, securing their spot as the most competent team in Japan. They earned the privilege to represent Japan to play in the International Wild Card Invitationals, but weren’t successful. They continued their success in Japan along with their victory in the later splits of LJL2015. Again they were able to represent Japan in the IWC2015 tournament.

After all those years DetonatioN Gaming is still continuing its dominance in LJL, along with its rival, Rampage. It sits at 8-1 in the Summer Split.


Originally established in 2012, Rampage is a long-standing organization that hails from Japan. While the team has also struggled internationally, they have excelled domestically.

They’ve taken the first place trophy in two consecutive splits of LJL, making them the kings of Japan. They’ve joined recently MSI 2017 along side DetonatioN Gaming with both falling short. Their current standing in the Summer Split? Tied in first place with DetonatioN Gaming at 8-1.

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LJL: DetonatioN Gaming or Rampage? Best Team in LJL Summer

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