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LoL Player Profile: MaRin The Emperor of Top Lane

It’s the living legend of top lane, MaRin! What are his strengths and how does he match up against the competition?

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Nowadays it’s hard to find someone in the League of Legends scene that doesn’t know about MaRin. The former SKT top laner is widely acclaimed as one of the best players—and shot callers—in the game. Perhaps his biggest achievement is a victory at the 2015 Worlds Championship and the title of the MVP of the whole tournament.

But how does he match up against the more modern competition?

Rise to Power

After a disappointing LPL season as a part of the LGD roster, MaRin returned to Korea to join Afreeca Freecs. Many were excited for this move, while others voiced concerns about whether the superstar top laner could keep up with the current LCK talent.

But MaRin put these doubts to rest in his first series against SSG. There he completely outclassed the enemy top laner, CuVee, and carried the team with outstanding play on Kennen and Rumble. However, his following games proved that even when you take a player out of the LPL, you can’t take the LPL out of the player.

MaRin’s mechanics were still some of the best in the League, but he’s had trouble balancing out his aggression and kept overextending and dying to ganks. MaRin is the type of player that wants to make his presence known. And sometimes that line of thinking backfires and becomes the start of his downfall.

Claiming The Crown

When you look at the most obvious stats, MaRin doesn’t seem too impressive. His 3.0 KDA is 7th in the league, and his 24% death share makes him the most likely to give up kills out of LCK top laners. But MaRin’s strength lies in more subtle differences. His 9.1 CS per minute and 3.0 CSD10 are 2nd highest in the LCK and are a testament to how hard MaRin overpowers his competition. And his 23.1% damage share is a solid #4 amongst LCK top laners.

If you watch MaRin’s games, it becomes clear just how much pressure he puts on the opposing players. His vast champion pool allows him to perform on tanks and carries alike. In particular, almost every game he spends on Rumble or Camille could be used to make a standalone montage. MaRin is the type of player that demands attention from the enemy jungler, else he will take over the game.

But while we’ve only praised his laning, it’d be a dire mistake to discount MaRin’s team fighting. MaRin just seems to have the innate game sense that allows him to consistently find ways to engage onto priority targets. So even if he doesn’t get ahead in lane, you can count on him to pull through in the skirmishes and carry his team to victory.

Future Conquests

If you’re wondering whether MaRin still has it, then yes, yes he does. MaRin’s play is as exceptional as always, and you can expect him to be the star of many future LCK matches.

Right now the series to look forward to is tomorrow’s (15.03.2017) game against SKT. Afreeca Freecs were the only team that was able to take down the LCK powerhouse, and a lot of it was due to MaRin’s incredible showing against SKT Huni. But can he do it again?

Do you think MaRin and AFS are ready to take down SKT? Let us know in the comments!

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LoL Player Profile: MaRin The Emperor of Top Lane

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