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League Player Profile: Jankos The First Blood King

The First Blood King and one of the most iconic junglers in EU LCS! How did Jankos get to where he’s at now?

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Whenever a discussion about the best junglers happens, the name Jankos always seems to come up. After all, he’s the First Blood King, the face of H2K and one of the most iconic players in EU LCS. At this point in his career, Jankos has enjoyed both domestic and international success—but how did he get to where he’s at now?

Making a Statement

After a series of middling results as a part of the ROCCAT lineup, Jankos left the team to join H2K Gaming. For a while, it seemed that history would end up repeating itself since the Spring Split had H2K barely falling short of the EU LCS finals. But destiny had different things in store for the Polish jungler, and through a mix of good luck and great performances, H2K ended up qualifying for 2016 Worlds Championship.

It was then that Jankos was able to show the world what he’s capable of. Jankos took over the jungle with his aggression, and set up H2K for the run of their life, carrying the team all the way to the semifinals. And even though H2K ended up losing 0-3 to Samsung, they’ve made a statement that Europe is the force to be reckoned with.

Nowadays, H2K holds a 7-2 win/loss record and sets its gaze at the top of the EU LCS ladder. And Jankos has long since become the team’s face and its most valuable player. 

Unleashing The Beast

With a 5.2 KDA and 4.8 CS per minute, Jankos is well in the top 4 of European junglers. But even these monstrous stats don’t do him justice for how much impact he has on his team. Jankos is the sword of H2K and the driving force behind their powerful early game.

He’s always been known for his gank-heavy play style, hence the title. But Jankos has also become adept at counter-jungling, routinely outplaying even opponents of the likes of Misfits’ KaKAO. It’s worth noting that his first blood rate hasn’t been that impressive lately with only 29%, which places him at the 7th place in the league. But Jankos makes up for it with a stunning 360 damage per minute—the most out of any jungler in EU LCS.

The Road Ahead

The future has its fair share of trials in store for the Polish jungler. In particular, this Friday (17.03.2017) he’ll clash with UOL’s Xerxe in a match that will determine which team will take the #1 spot in group B.

But Jankos hasn’t been the one to shy away from a challenge. And even though the upcoming series is bound to be a difficult one, he will once again set out on the Rift to prove his title of The First Blood King.

Do you think H2K is one of the best Junglers in Europe? Let us know in the comments!

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League Player Profile: Jankos The First Blood King

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