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LoL Roster Moves: TL GoldenGlue to Korea

Team Liquid’s GoldenGlue goes on a journey to Korea to hone his skills and become a better player. Will it work?

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After a disappointing Split, which ended with him being replaced by the team’s ADC, Team Liquid’s Greyson “GoldenGlue” Gilmer is starting to look for ways to improve. His sight is set on the mecca of esports, Korea.

GoldenGlue’s performance over the spring season could only be described as mediocre. His play suffered from the lack of proactivity, and he routinely fell behind in lane and looked lost in team fights. With a 2.4 KDA and 8.4 CS per minute over five weeks, there’s no doubt that GoldenGlue could use some improvement. 

He’s used eight champions this season which has yet to return results. His Orianna is 1-4 with a 1.9 KDA and his Cassiopeia is 1-3 on a 3.1 KDA. The only champion he’s had success on this year is Ekko on whom he’s gone 3-0 and amassed by far his best KDA on 7.2. GoldenGlue’s efforts and results reflect Team Liquid’s performance this season which sees the team dead last in the NA LCS with a 3-9, 12-20 record. Despite their standing, the team is only 2 games back from a playoff spot needing to catch 5-7 Immortals who are currently in 6th place.

But will the Korean boot camp actually work?

Considering that GoldenGlue is going to train alone, his only option will be Solo Queue. Historically, Korean Solo Queue has been far more competitive than its counterparts from other regions. In particular, many have praised Korean players for having raw mechanical prowess that can even put pro players to a test.

On the surface, it seems just what the doctor ordered. But when you take into account Greyson Gilmer’s reputation of a Scrim God, a different picture begins to show. GoldenGlue’s biggest problem isn’t his mechanics but rather, the ability to perform on stage. Even if Korean Solo Queue will better his play, it won’t amount to much if GoldenGlue continues to underperform when it matters most.

Do you think GoldenGlue’s trip to Korea will transform his game? Let us know in the comments!

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LoL Roster Moves: TL GoldenGlue to Korea

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