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Top 5 Plays: League of Legends Week 8

Miss any of the action from Week 8 in EU, NA or LCK? We've got you covered with this week's Top Plays of the Week!

This was another great week for the fans of League of Legends. The quality number of plays that we got to see was outstanding. There were many Baron Nashor and Elder Dragon steals along with some crazy outplays and snipes that proved to the average gamer just how good these guys are. This week brought us some very exciting moments that left us in awe and disbelief. Without further ado, let’s get to the top plays of Week 8.

Deft hitting all the skillshots (skip to :26)

With the series tied at 1-1, Kt needed a go-to-guy and called upon the ever-reliable Deft. Deft’s Ezreal is scary with the amount of damage per second he can dish out. Only 2 minutes into the game, SnowFlower’s Miss Fortune was caught near the Tri-bush area and Deft started hitting her with auto attacks and the Mystic shot. To be more exact, it was 8 auto attacks and spells, however the best one was saved for last where he sniped SnowFlower thinking that he was safe.

Faker’s Vladimir is scary (skip to 2:44)

Being 5k gold down doesn’t stop Faker from showing what he can do. This was again the case where he flashed and somehow managed to kill Kramer with the help of Zhonya’s living in the process. Kramer used both of his summoner spells, Heal and Flash, but to no avail. Faker planned it perfectly and managed to get the kill and leave the area without a scratch.

Just Leblanc things by Exileh (skip to :50)

After nearly dying from Viziscacsi’s Renekton, H2K’s Jankos barely made it out alive. Exileh’s Leblanc was watching from afar as his top laner died. Then he noticed that Graves was recalling within his killing distance and he took his chance. He annihilated Jankos’ Graves and still managed to live. Having flash made this possible for him to get away alive and make out Top Plays of the Week.

Dignitas bounce Ninja around (skip to 1:27)

When Ninja’s Orianna was getting back to his lane he unfortunately got caught from Keane’s Viktor. Viktor used every spell that he had even though he knew he couldn’t kill Orianna and just as she thought that she was safe, Ssumday’s Gragas came out from behind and used his ultimate skill to perfection. He sent Orianna closer to Viktor in order to make it easier for him to finish the kill, however Viktor’s spells were still on cooldwon so Ssumday flashed through the wall and secured the kill.

Peanut blind steals the Baron (skip to 3:59)

40 minutes into the game, and it was still anyone’s to be had between BBQ and SKT. BBQ found the perfect opportunity to start Baron in a sneaky manner and they started shredding it. In the meantime, SKT figured out that BBQ were taking the Baron and they charged to the pit. However BBQ got the Baron down to 2000 hp and Ghost used Ashe’s ultimate to stop Peanut’s Graves from entering the pit. The amazing part was that Peanut didn’t even know that he would get stunned by Ashe’s ult and had very little time to flash but somehow managed to flash first and then dash into the baron pit and outsmite Bless and steal the Baron.

What was your top moment from this previous week? Let us know in the comments below!

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Top 5 Plays: League of Legends Week 8

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