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Three Patch 7.5 Picks that can change ADC Meta

The 7.5 patch introduced a lot of changes. We examine what power picks can emerge in the ADC role

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Draven’s Dominance

Now, I know what you’re thinking. We’ve already seen Draven, and in the hands of Doublelift, no less. And if the superstar North American ADC can’t get the pick to work, then few other people can. But you should also consider that Doublelift played the champion right after his move to Liquid and had little to no synergy with his teammates. Not to mention that picking Draven into Ekko, Rengar, and Camille is hardly ideal.

On top of that, the time to play Draven wasn’t last week. It’s now.

The champion brings to the table something that the new bot lane so desperately needs. Damage. Lots and lots of damage. And with the recent nerfs to Warlord’s and Jhin and Varus, Draven is set to take their place of a bot lane bully. Granted, he’s not the type of champion that can be blind-picked and his unique play style is bound to put off many pro players. But those that choose to invest the time and effort into learning him, can step into a league of their own. 

Return of the Juggermaw

Kog’Maw’s Solo Queue dominance is nothing new. Generally, you can count on him to have a pretty good win rate there (such as his current 55.48%). But that’d never fly in the more structured competitive environment, right? Well, not exactly.

With the recent Lethality nerfs and mage supports going out of meta, bot lane will become a lot more suitable for farm-oriented champions. Not to mention that Lulu becoming a staple pick is pretty much the dream of every Juggermaw team composition. But that’s not all there it to this pick.

The sole existence of Kog’Maw in the game puts the enemy team on a timer. With Guinsoo’s blade fully stacked and his Bio-Arcane Barrage maxed out, Kog’Maw is a beast that can deal 16% of the target’s max health per auto attack. And he’ll only get stronger as he gets more and more items. In addition, his one weakness—lack of mobility—has been recently worked around through the Stormraider’s Surge mastery.

The pick will definitely need to be set up in the draft. The ideal Kog’Maw team comp would include Lulu support, Orianna mid lane, a beefy top lane tank, and a dominant jungler to cover for the team’s early game weaknesses. It will still be rough for the first 15-20 minutes of the game, but once the Juggermaw comp gets going, nothing will be able to stand in its way.

The Malevolent Mordekaiser

This is a tricky one. While the pick has already seen play in FlyQuest’s game, its full potential still remains to be seen. And there’s no better time of trying him than Patch 7.5. I don’t expect Morde to become a staple bot lane pick—after all, he needs to meet certain draft requirements from both teams to even have a chance of working. First, the enemy has to pick an immobile ADC/support combo that can’t avoid an all-in. Second, Mordekaiser needs to lane together with an engage-heavy support. Ideally, Blitzcrank but picks like Thresh, Leona, and Nautilus can work too.

If you’ve followed the recent pro scene, then you know that these champions aren’t exactly in the meta. So it will be hard to find a team willing to risk its playoff chances on such an experimental combo. But Mordekaiser is the perfect counter to immobile picks like Ashe, Jhin, and even the abovementioned Draven and Kog’Maw. The damage he brings to the table is insane and, provided he gets a pick, he can turn every team fight into a 6v4 due with his ultimate.

What is your take from the Patch 7.5 updates to the ADC Role? Let us know in the comments below!

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Three Patch 7.5 Picks that can change ADC Meta

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