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LCK Week 9 Recap: KT and SKT losing, while Samsung comes back

This week has been the week of upsets! Which teams made it through and which crumbled under the pressure? 

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Week 9 of LCK has been the week of upsets! Which teams made it through and which crumbled under the pressure?

Game of the Week: Samsung Galaxy vs SKT

This match might not have been the flashiest, but there’s something intensely satisfying about seeing SKT get outplayed at their own game. Granted, it’s easy to dismiss this by saying that SKT have played with their substitute top laner, Profit. But that’d also be selling Samsung short since they were in top-notch form for this series.

Game 1 had Haru come out with guns blazing on Graves. His catch onto Profit in the river proved vital in securing the first blood for Samsung and a follow-up kill onto Peanut sealed the deal. Haru proceeded to snowball the early gaming lead by roaming down to bot lane together with CuVee and getting a kill onto Bang. With that, all lanes of Samsung were winning, and they started to push down the mid turret. But SKT isn’t the #1 LCK team for nothing—and they’ve managed to find that miracle engage onto Samsung and even while being 6k gold down. But moments after the lost team fight, Samsung have bounced back by sneaking a 24-minute Baron. Once again, SKT found themselves on the backfoot. This time, however, Samsung’s 10k gold lead was too much, and it was all too easy for them to dismantle SKT in skirmishes and siege their base. It took another team fight and another Baron, but Samsung closed out a clean 34-minute game against SKT.

Again, Haru was vital in breaking open the early game. But a single team fight in the top lane has evened out the score. It looked like SKT were gaining momentum, but Samsung were just biding their time and looking for the opportunity to turn the tables. It presented itself at the 24-minute mark when SKT pushed too far up for the mid lane turret. Samsung have pulled the trigger with a devastating flank from CuVee’s Nautilus. And even though they’ve only got Faker, that was enough for Samsung to go for Baron. With Haru winning the smite fight against Peanut, Samsung have secured the objective and breezed through the enemy team. SKT tried their hardest to stabilize. But it was only a matter of time before Samsung tore down their Inhibitors and marched towards their Nexus. A 2-0 victory for Samsung Galaxy!

Match Highlights

Biggest Surprise: Kongdoo Monster

It’s rare to see such a prominent rise from the ashes as the one that’s happened to Kongdoo Monster. After losing to Jin Air, Kongdoo came back strong and took a decisive 2-1 victory against kt Rolster. Of course, a lot of it could be attributed to KT’s poor form, but Kongdoo have also been on point in this series. Sadly, this win won’t save them from relegation. But if they can keep up this level of performance then there’s no doubt in my mind that we’ll be seeing Kongdoo in the next season of LCK.

Biggest Disappointment: kt Rolster

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. From being a #2 team in the league to losing to MVP and Kongdoo—KT seem to be on an endless downward spiral. Of course, KT fans are no strangers to seeing their favorite team underperform. If fact, that’s been the story of this team for almost every Playoffs. But when the same thing starts happening during the regular season, it begs the question of whether KT can even hold on to its title of a top 2 Korean team. 

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LCK Week 9 Recap: KT and SKT losing, while Samsung comes back

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