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LCK’s Telecom Wars: kt Rolster vs SK Telecom T1

We have arrived at the most awaited matchup around the world of Week 6 Day 3 of League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) between these two great teams, SK Telecom T1 and kt Rolster.

Telecom Wars

The SK Telecom and kt Rolster rivalry is older than OGN’s LCK. Back when SK Telecom T1 had two teams, SKT T1 S as the main team and SKT T1 K as the sister team, Team K outperformed Team S winning the Season 3 Worlds Championship. Despite SKT’s success in the previous World Championships, the two teams have been trading blows for years. 

In the 2015 Summer Split, kt Rolster finished with a 13-5 record ending in 2nd place which qualified them for the playoffs where they lost to SK Telecom and finished once again in 2nd place. The most recent fight between them is last year’s 2016 Summer Playoffs, when kt reverse swept SKT in the semifinals. 

This 2017 Spring Split, these two teams can’t wait to face each other once again in the rift with kt’s new roster. Both teams are currently 1st in the seed and after six weeks of waiting, we will finally see who’s the best Telecom, thus the Telecom War begins.

Game 1: SKT the World Champions vs kt the Super Team

kt Rolster landed their best picks as Mata played his Thresh and Smeb his Rumble. 8 minutes into the game, both teams started to pick the First Blood but with Smeb’s teleport and ultimate they managed to pick up two kills. Smeb led the team as he landed those Rumble ultimates perfectly each clash until the 33 minute mark where Bang killed Smeb and Pawn giving them the advantage to take Baron. 35 minutes into the game, Huni gets picked off by kt while other members of SKT are split pushing, opening kt’s bottom lane. At the 40 minute mark, Mata got Drenchlined by Huni, killing him as Peanut also killed Pawn ending the game for SKT’s victory with the score of 14-9. 

Bang’s 1000 Kills

Jun-sik “Bang” Bae of SKT reached 1000 kills in his professional career. 

Game 2: Faker’s Orianna Ultimate

Faker picked his ace champion, Orianna aiming to land big ultimates in teamfights, however Pawn picked Zed. Pawn did what he had to do as an assassin, disabling carries as he hunted down squishy targets like Bang and Wolf. At the 24 minute mark, after kt took Baron, Faker landed a game breaking ultimate killing all of kt’s member. 33 minutes into the game, as SKT was trying to prevent kt from taking Baron, Faker got killed in the process giving Game 2 to kt Rolster. 

Game 3: Team Fight Matters

Blank substitutes for Peanut in Game 3. Pretty standard picks from both teams but this time Huni picked Rumble while Smeb picked a tank, Gragas. Faker picked Zed while Pawn was on his Jayce. In the early game, Score got First blood giving his team the advantage as he kept on killing the members of SKT. 14 to 15  minutes into the game, a big clash happened in the bottom lane as Faker, along with Wolf and Blank, killed Pawn under the tower and got chased by the other kt members thinking they could kill all 3 members from SKT but instead, SKT managed to kill another 3 members from kt despite having a gold deficit. Faker’s Zed became a threat to kt so they decided to buy 4 Guardian Angels. That didn’t stop SKT from winning this close game against kt.

Don’t worry kt fans, there will be another matchup between them again this week. Twice the hype for this matchup so stay tuned for the upcoming battle for the 1st place in LCK.

Who do you think will win on their next matchup? Comments down below. 

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LCK’s Telecom Wars: kt Rolster vs SK Telecom T1

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