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Krepo joins Schalke 04 as Head Coach

After being off the grid for over four months, Krepo returns to the EU LCS as Schalke 04’s Head Coach!

The news that Mitch “Krepo” Voorspoels was put in charge of the coaching duties was announced on S04’s official website. The move seems to be facilitated by the current Head of Esports of the German organization—Hans Christian Dürr—who had previously worked with Krepo on Splyce. From the announcement, it seems that Schalke has given Krepo carte blanche for roster management and player development. 

What does this mean for the newly promoted org? 

Grey eminence

It seems that mere moments ago Krepo was the star of the European League of Legends.

He went through a successful pro player career, competing on teams like CLG Europe, Evil Geniuses, and Elements before making a smooth transition into casting. His no-nonsense style and vast game knowledge quickly made him one of the most loved color commentators in the EU LCS. 

The future looked bright for the former support legend. That is, until some personal drama surfaced and forced Krepo to depart from the EU LCS. From then on, Krepo made a decision to step away from the spotlight. And while he did accept the role of Schalke’s Head Coach, there’s no doubt in our minds that we won’t be seeing him in front of cameras anytime soon. 

That’s not to say he’s been idle, though. In his Twitter update, Krepo mentions he’s been coaching Splyce from week 7 of the EU LCS—a move that almost led to Splyce upsetting G2 Esports in a close Quarterfinals. And while the season ultimately ended in disappointment, Krepo’s coaching prowess seems to have been noticed in the scene.  

It’s certainly true that former pros tend to make the best League of Legends coaches. After all, no one can know better what’s it like to be an LCS competitor than someone who also took part in the league. And while mechanics tend to dissipate with time, the vast in-game knowledge never really goes away.  

But that doesn’t mean that the transition is seamless.

When you’re spending every moment of your time playing the game, you might have a hard time communicating and developing strategies. After all, most pro players only focus on execution. And more intricate parts of the game like drafting and planning are often left to the supporting staff. 

Fortunately for Krepo, he has everything he needs to succeed on this front.

Not only was he a shot caller in his pro gaming time, but he’s also spent several years watching and analyzing the EU LCS. For someone like that, communicating is akin to breathing. Of course, he’ll be taking on a new challenge of leading an entire team, but considering his diverse skill set, we have no doubts that Krepo will overcome it.

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Krepo joins Schalke 04 as Head Coach

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