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G2 vs Fnatic – EU LCS Preview

Enter the clash of Kings between Fnatic and G2! Can the surging lineup take down the reigning EU LCS champions?

G2 are finally looking like their old selves. Despite a slow start to its season, this lineup picked up the slack and made a splash in the final weeks of the competition. A huge part of this comeback is the meta changes that helped Trick catch up in the jungle, but Perkz’s return to his old form is even more vital to G2’s victories.

Even though Fnatic encountered some bumps at the Rift Rivals, their domestic record is another story. In the EU LCS, this team seamlessly dismantles one foe after another. And ever since Fnatic switched to a more conventional style, their play has been becoming more solid with every passing week.

Match Preview

Top Lane Matchup

As much as we love Expect, he’s not been looking great lately. With a 3.6 KDA and 8.6 CS per minute, he’s the weakest link of G2 that routinely overextends and gets caught out by the enemy jungler.

And if there’s one man that can take advantage of these brash tendencies, it’s sOAZ. Sporting a 5.2 KDA and 7.9 CS per minute, he’s a seasoned veteran with expert knowledge the top lane matchups and strong enough mechanics to back it up.

Verdict: FNC sOAZ outmaneuvers Expect in the top lane.

Jungle Matchup

There’s no denying that Trick is doing well in the jungle. Tank junglers fit his control-oriented playstyle—a fact that’s reflected by his 4.3 KDA and 4.8 CS per minute.

On a similar note, Broxah’s gank-heavy approach should’ve been hurt by the meta changes. Yet somehow, that isn’t the case. Sporting a 12.7 KDA and 4.6 CS per minute, Broxah is as potent as ever, and Trick can’t hope to overcome his early game dominance.

Verdict: FNC Broxah puts on a clinic in the jungle.

Mid Lane Matchup

Caps has always had the mechanics to be a standout mid laner. But up until now, he was the perfect example of a player that makes his presence known with brawn instead of brains. Fortunately for Caps, Fnatic took their time to develop his talent and shape him into a well-rounded player with a 6.1 KDA and 8.9 CS per minute to his name.

And sure, G2 Perkz still has the legacy of being the man who overcame Faker at the MSI. But bragging rights aren’t going to help him overcome Caps’s mechanical prowess. With a 4.2 KDA and 8.9 CS per minute, Perkz is bound to spend the majority of the match on the back foot.

Verdict: FNC Caps takes full control of the mid lane.

Bot Lane Matchup

Fnatic’s bottom lane has been instrumental to their success. Holding a massive 12.6 KDA and 10.3 CS per minute, Rekkles is a mechanical prodigy with a champion pool as vast as an ocean. His support—Jesiz—has been rounding out Fnatic’s team compositions with a wide range of frontline picks and a 5.3 KDA of his own.

But G2’s power duo has been doing work, too. With a 5.4 KDA and 9.6 CS per minute, Zven is the ever-so-solid marksman that seamlessly takes over teamfights and skirmishes while Mithy (5.3 KDA) backs him up on utility-based supports. Still, we’d have to give the edge to Fnatic purely because of Rekkles’s explosive energy.

Verdict: FNC’s Rekkles and Jesiz outgun their opponents.


It’s not looking good for G2. Every single lane of theirs is at a sizeable disadvantage, and the only thing they can rely on is their macro. But Fnatic are also well-versed in the art of strategy and will be able to match the enemy map movement.  Sorry, G2, but it’s about time you made way to the new Kings of Europe. Our prediction: a 2-1 victory for Fnatic!

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G2 vs Fnatic – EU LCS Preview

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