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FC Schalke 04 vs Giants Gaming: 2018 Spring EU LCS Promotion Tournament preview, prediction & live stream

Giants Gaming are looking to get back into the EU LCS on August 24! Do Schalke 04 have what it takes to stop them?

Schalke’s League of Legends journey was filled with hardships. After getting knocked out from the EU LCS and falling prey to Misfits Academy in the Challenger Series, the organization picked up the slack and finally qualified for the promotion tournament. But while their side lanes are on point, their mid lane and jungle champion pools leave plenty of room for concern.

Giants are rock solid. With a pair of explosive carries in Jiizuké, and Minitroupax and a reliable 3-man core around them, this team already has all the pieces of the puzzle at hand. But it’s the way they fit together in teamfights and skirmishes that really makes Giants a force to be reckoned with.

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Top Lane Matchup

On paper, it might seem like the top lane matchup is close. With a 4.0 KDA and 8.9 CS per minute, GIA Ruin is an up-and-coming player that specializes in Gnar, Jarvan, and Poppy. 

Opposing him is S04 SmittyJ, a well-rounded veteran with a 4.7 KDA and 9.3 CS per minute to his name. But while Ruin can hold his own in lane and skirmishes, SmittyJ completely overshadows him when it comes down to carry performances.

Verdict: S04 SmittyJ takes away the top lane.

Jungle Matchup

A similar narrative unfolds in the jungle. Sporting a 5.1 KDA and 4.2 CS per minute, GIA Gilius is an experienced jungler that leans towards playing the tank meta. 

On the other hand, S04 Memento (4.4 KDA and 4.3 CS per minute) is all about aggression and early game ganks, which puts him at a disadvantage on the current patch.

Verdict: S04 Gilius outmuscles Memento in the jungle.  

Mid Lane Matchup

A single misstep can spell the end of the mid lane matchup. Sporting a 6.5 KDA and 8.3 CS per minute, GIA Jiizuké is a confident playmaker that routinely takes over games with his flashy moves. 

But S04 Caedrel is equally impressive with his pool of lane bullies and a 6.2 KDA and 8.6 CS per minute of his own. We’d still have to give this one to Jiizuké due to his higher skill ceiling, but it’s very, very close.

Verdict: GIA Jiizuké edges out a win in the mid lane.

Bot Lane Matchup 

The bot lane standoff will be decided by the AD carries. Sporting a massive 10.7 KDA and 10.7 CS per minute, GIA Minitoupax is the early game specialist that seeks to get every advantage he can get while his support Jactroll (5.3 KDA) backs him up with picks like Janna and Taric. 

Meanwhile, S04 Upset is a hypercarry in every sense of the word. Holding an 8.2 KDA and 9.6 CS per minute, he’s not as dominant in lane, but he comes online in mid-game teamfights while Norskeren covers him with champions like Thresh, Alistar, and Tahm Kench. But in the meta where the early game momentum is so important, they’ll have to take a step back against Giants’ power duo.

Verdict: GIA’s Minitoupax and Jactroll find a win in the bottom lane.


Giants Gaming have much more firepower where it matters most. If either Jiizuké or  Minitoupax gets going, it will be very hard for their opponents to regain their footing. Schalke’s best bet is to stall for the late game, but unless that happens, Giants will snowball their advantages into a 3-1 victory.

What do you think about the S04 vs GIA matchup in the 2018 Spring EU LCS Promotion Tournament? Share your opinion in the comments below!

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FC Schalke 04 vs Giants Gaming: 2018 Spring EU LCS Promotion Tournament preview, prediction & live stream

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