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Fantasy LCS is Live

RealSport101 will cover all the need-to-know LCS changes to help win your fantasy pool.

With the LCS summer split only weeks away, and huge roster changes happening daily (like WildTurtle joining Team FlyQuest,) there is no better time to draft a Fantasy LCS team!

Today, Friday May 26th, drafting for fantasy teams go live, giving you almost a full week to choose your roster before both EU and NA LCS.

Due to changes in the EU LCS schedule (EU teams are now only playing one game a week vs NA’s two games per week,) European players will be given double the Fantasy points per game. For more info on the changes, check out ­­­­­Lolesport’s update. If you are new to Fantasy LCS, check out their how-to guide.

“Chris, what is the point in even writing this short article with information that I already knew?”

Well, with the return of 2017 Fantasy LCS, and some great additions to our LoL writing staff, I am pleased to announce that we are fully committing to creating detailed Fantasy LCS news for our viewers. 

Our writing team watching all of the LCS matches for juicy updates:


Similar to other sporting websites, RealSport will be creating daily, integrated content before games to ensure our readers awe well-informed of any changes asap. Make sure to come back and check out our detailed, ad-free content to help you win your fantasy pool this summer! Will you be participating in the summer split Fantasy LCS?

Let us help with that.

Let us know what you think of the Fantasy LCS in the comments below!

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Fantasy LCS is Live

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