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EU LCS Week 9 Recap: ROCCAT rises but Fnatic holds on

ROCCAT push forward in an attempt to seize Fnatic’s Playoffs spot. But Fnatic weren’t giving up that easily.

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Week 9 had ROCCAT push forward in an attempt to seize Fnatic’s Playoffs spot. But Fnatic weren’t going to give up that easily.

Game of the Week: Giants vs Fnatic

It seemed like a regular match between bottom-tier teams, but a lot was on the line for Fnatic here. With ROCCAT breathing down their necks, Fnatic had to win this match at all cost.

Game 1 started off strong for Fnatic. The team took a string of good early game trades, and Giants struggled to deal with Rekkles’s Lucian and Caps’s Kayle. This allowed Fnatic to transition into a smooth Baron at 22 minutes into the game. And even though Giants have grouped up to contest the objective, they’ve lost track of the splitpushing Kayle. Once they realized that Caps was already sieging their Nexus, Giants scrambled to recall and defend their base, but the rest of Fnatic members stopped their backs. sOAZ’s Stand United onto Caps sealed the deal, and Fnatic took a decisive victory in the first game of the series.

If you want to see an AD carry pull off a scripter-like performance, then watch Rekkles team fighting in game 2. A string of ganks and traps set Fnatic behind in the early game, but Rekkles came up huge in team fights and single-handedly pushed his team ahead. But Giants still had better scaling with Anivia and Caitlyn on their side and managed to stall the game until Fnatic could no longer crush them in team fights. This lead to Fnatic putting their Lucian on the splitpush duty—a move that would end up backfiring, as Giants realized what’s going on and grouped up for one final push onto the enemy Nexus.

Game 3 had Fnatic return to the driver’s seat. The early game trades were very much back and forth, and Giants always seemed to have an answer for Fnatic’s plays. But it was in the mid game that Fnatic’s composition of Shen, LeBlanc, Kha’Zix, and AD carry Kennen started to break the game open. Strong vision control and Shen’s global ultimate allowed them to pull the trigger and make one pick after another. And Giants crumbled under the pressure so much so that Fnatic were able to secure an easy 23-minute Baron. And even though Giants tried to stand their ground, Fnatic were just too far ahead and closed out the series with a 2-1 victory.

Match Highlights

Biggest Surprise: ROCCAT

Is it fair to have ROCCAT in this category for two weeks in a row? Yes, if the team continues to deliver. In the previous weeks, ROCCAT have shown that they can stand up to the middle of the pack teams, but it’s their 2-0 victory against Misfits that drew our attention. Granted, Misfits are on a downswing, and the wins didn’t come easy to ROCCAT. But the sole fact that they’ve won is proof that ROCCAT can now compete with the best teams in Europe.

Biggest Disappointment: Vitality

Sometimes it seems that Vitality are just showing up for their games. In other cases, they get ahead only to throw their guaranteed win with some ridiculous misstep. Regardless, this lineup has repeatedly managed to find new ways to disappoint its fans—and if that’s not worthy of this nomination, then I don’t know what is.

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EU LCS Week 9 Recap: ROCCAT rises but Fnatic holds on

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