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EU LCS Week 10 Recap: G2’s first loss, ROCCAT’s rise, and Misfits’ fall

The final week of EU LCS decided who would lock in the last playoff spot. Who was it—ROCCAT or Fnatic? 

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Game of the Week: ROCCAT vs G2

The odds were stacked against Team ROCCAT coming into series. Their playoff hopes—however slim they might be—hinged on them defeating the undisputed champions of EU LCS, G2. No one thought they could do it. No one but ROCCAT themselves.

You know a match is going to be good when ROCCAT are willing to lock in top lane Gnar and mid lane Nasus in the first game. The game started slowly with ROCCAT getting kills through picks on Trick and mithy, while G2 was creeping ahead in turrets. But a 28-minute skirmish in the Baron pit allowed G2 to secure the objective and break open the game. After that, everything came down to a series of team fights—which G2 won by a landslide. ROCCAT tried to regain their composure but it was too little too late, and G2 closed out the game with a confident win.

Game 2 had ROCCAT going for a not-so-standard top lane Fizz pick. But this time G2 took over the initiative by winning two key mid lane skirmishes. With G2 slowly taking over the map and chipping away at ROCCAT’s turrets, it seemed like the game was already over. But that’s where the Fizz pick came into play. Not only did Phaxi manage to kill Expect’s Rumble 1v1, but he’s also made a clutch Teleport that let ROCCAT win a mid lane 5v5 team fight with a four for zero trade but G2 were still in the driver’s seat.

Their vision control allowed them to take an early Baron, and take down ROCCAT’s mid lane Inhibitor. A series of aggressive picks from ROCCAT evened out the odds and even put them in position for a Baron of their own. It all came down to the smite war between Trick and Maxlore but neither jungler ended up winning as Hjärnan secured the objective with the last hit on Sivir. While the reigning EU LCS champions did their best to fight back, the baron-buffed ROCCAT squad pushed them back and sealed the deal with a decisive 39-minute team fight.

Game 3 went incredibly back and forth with G2 securing one small advantage after another. But while G2 were playing chess, ROCCAT were looking to flip the whole table with a massive team fight at the 22-minute mark. The game was dead even, and ROCCAT put everything on the line by going for a risky 25-minute Baron. While G2 tried to react to the move, Trick was too far away to contest the objective. ROCCAT took the Baron, took the ensuing team fight, and proceeded to take the game from the undefeated EU LCS champions!

Match Highlights

Biggest Surprise: ROCCAT

Look, I know that ROCCAT have been occupying this spot for three weeks straight. But I can’t help it, okay? This team just keeps getting better and better with each week. And after breaking G2’s year-long domestic win streak, ROCCAT deserve all the praise they can get. It’s a shame that we won’t be seeing them in playoffs, but ROCCAT should stand tall and be proud of their growth.

Biggest Disappointment: Misfits

Misfits had one job. One job to make the perfect Cinderella story of EU LCS happen—win against Fnatic and they didn’t deliver. Sure, you might argue that this isn’t the kind of soul-crushing disappointment that we’re used to seeing from teams in this category. But on the other hand, this doesn’t just affect the storylines, and Misfits look a lot shakier coming into the playoffs. 

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I craft narratives around League of Legends and cover LCK, NA & EU LCS.

EU LCS Week 10 Recap: G2’s first loss, ROCCAT’s rise, and Misfits’ fall

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