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EU LCS Promotion/Relegation Prediction: Giants vs Origen

GIA vs OG! Both teams have a lot to lose since this match will decide who will drop to the Challenger League.

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Two longstanding teams will meet in a Giants vs Origen series—but only one of them will get a chance to make it back into the LCS. Who will it be?

Giants haven’t had great luck over the regular Split. While their performance had been lackluster in terms of macro and individual play, this lineup still had a chance to avoid relegation. But the sudden rise of ROCCAT sealed their fate, and now Giants will have to go above and beyond if they hope to return to the EU LCS.

If there’s anyone that knows more about being lackluster, it’s Origen. Not only were Origen clear-cut underdogs in every game they played, but they were so disjointed that they failed to come up with a single series win throughout the regular season. Even after their many adjustments and roster swaps, Origen still look like a hot mess. Can they turn it around?

Match Preview

Top Lane Matchup: Both top laners haven’t had great showings so far. OG’s Satorius almost single-handedly lost his team the first game against Misfits Academy by dying 1v1 as Gangplank vs Shen. And even though he’s made up for it with solid play on Shen and a decent performance on Fizz, he’s still a far cry from being a stable top laner. But GIA Flaxxish didn’t exactly light the world on fire either. In fact, he’s currently the worst performing top laner in the tournament. Even so, Satorius won’t be able to put enough pressure on him, and Flaxxish is much more versatile when it comes to play styles and champion pools. A win for Giants in the top lane.

Jungle Matchup: GIA Memento has been decent throughout the season. He rarely—if ever—comes up with carry performances but he knows his way around the jungle and excels at objective control. His opponent, Cinkrof, is one of the few playmakers on Origen. His play is far from flawless—after all, it’s his first LCS Split, and the team he’s playing on is a complete mess. Despite that, Cinkrof still manages to set his teammates ahead with his plays, which makes him far more memorable than Memento.

Mid Lane Matchup:  I admit, I’ve been a defender of NaeHyun in the past, but his latest team fights lead me to believe that he might be a bigger problem than I’ve thought. Even when NaeHyun manages to get ahead, he struggles to provide enough of an impact at key moments. On the other hand, NighT is one of the few Giants players that tends to show up. His play on mages may not be that scary, but put this man on a mobile assassin and he’ll break the game open. Especially, against an uncoordinated team like Origen. A win for Giants in the mid lane.

Bot Lane Matchup: Let’s face it, neither team has a strong bot lane. The HeaQ and Hustlin duo has been underwhelming by routinely falling behind in lane, and failing to perform in team fights. However, Origen’s duo holds the title of the worst bot lane in the LCS. Tabzz might pull his own weight but xPeke often gets caught out and misses crucial abilities in fights. Another win for Giants.


Even though Giants have stronger players on their side, they’re not dominant enough in lane to abuse this lead. Fortunately for them, Origen are even worse. The match will be long and it won’t be pretty, but it will end in a 3-1 victory for Giants.

Thoughts on the matchups?  Discuss in the comments below!

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EU LCS Promotion/Relegation Prediction: Giants vs Origen

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