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EU LCS Power Rankings Week 7

An update on where every team stands in the EU LCS!

  1. G2 eSports (+/- 0)

Yes, G2 is at the top of the power rankings yet again. However, this is probably the closest they have been to being put in the number two slot. Week 7 gave us the match that we needed to see where everything lies: Splyce versus G2. And this match did not disappoint in the slightest. We’ve seen Splyce improve over the season by a great amount, but G2 was their final test. Luckily for both teams, the series was split, keeping each of them in their same spot in the standings. However, this shows us that G2 could potentially fall to Splyce if it ever comes to a playoff/championship series. G2 has Unicorns of Love and H2k coming up this week, so it would in the best interest of the team to sweep both of these matches.

  1. Splyce (+/- 0)

This was the first week that G2’s spot at number one was challenged, and it was all due to the way Splyce played this weekend. For anyone who’s kept up to date with my power rankings, they know that I’ve always seen Splyce as the dark horse for this season; they’re a young team but they can play League of Legends better than most. This week, they really proved it to everyone. If Splyce keeps playing the way they are now, they’ll most likely be second seed in the playoffs, which means they wouldn’t have to face G2 until the championship. This also means that Fnatic would be in their bracket, and Fnatic is arguably Splyce’s only competition apart from G2. All this said, it’s going to be fun to watch and see if Splyce can keep this championship caliber play going.

  1. Fnatic (+/0)

If these rankings seem oddly similar to last week’s, it is because teams played exactly like expected. Fnatic had a solid week with sweeping H2k and tying FC Schalke, and they’ve done nothing to warrant either a boost or a drop in the power rankings. Next week Fnatic plays Splyce, so we’ll see everything we need to know about who goes where. Best case scenario for both teams is a tie, but we know each team is looking for that sweep. Fnatic is seeming to have melded well with newcomer Kikis in the top lane. He had a fantastic 10/2/3 game against H2k with Gnar, and his contributions didn’t stop there. Fnatic got lucky that such an experienced player came to the rescue after losing Gamsu.

  1. FC Schalke 04 (+2)

FC is jumping up two spots because it did what the other teams failed to do this week: win. I understand that H2k was going against Fnatic and G2 eSports, but all they needed to do was win game. FC Schalke went 2-2 this weekend, but these wins at least got them some points. The worst thing a team can do in this point of the season is get zero points in a week. But enough about the league as a whole, this is about FC Schalke. Their tie with Origen was respectable, seeing as how no one knows how Origen is going to play since they’re so hot and cold; and the tie with Fnatic was a tie with one of the best teams in the league. Does FC Schalke really have a chance at competing in the playoffs this season? I don’t know, but there definitely have been a lot of surprises this split, so maybe FC has something up their sleeve.

  1. Unicorns of Love (+2)

Just like the Giants last week, the Unicorns of Love have made me eat my words by being in the top half of my power rankings. Honestly, I love seeing this team do so well after starting off as the worst team in the league. The sweep of the Giants was a huge stepping stone for the team, and the tie with Team Vitality finished the week off nicely for them. Standings wise, Unicorns of Love still have some fighting to do to secure a place in the playoffs, but they do have a shot of competing if they somehow slide in. The one thing about Unicorns of Love is their element of surprising champion picks, and if they can keep using that to their advantage, they could win by cheesing it up.

  1. Giants Gaming (-2)

It was a rough week for Giants Gaming; they got swept by both Unicorns of Love and Splyce. While the Splyce sweep is understandable, if the Giants want to be competitive this split, they have to capitalize on beating the easier teams. Unfortunately for Giants Gaming, they just weren’t able to do that. Now, one thing that I’ve pointed out before and will point out again is that Giants Gaming have actually been swept the second most in the EU LCS with 7 0-2 losses. The only team below them is ROCCAT. The reason why Giants Gaming is still in the playoff conversation is because they manage to sweep teams just as often as they get swept. Playoffs are all about consistency, so if Giants Gaming does get in, they have to work on being consistent.

  1. H2k (-2)

I already talked about H2k a little bit when explaining the positioning of FC Schalke, and I know most readers are probably wondering if a loss to the top teams in the league really warrants a two-spot drop in the power rankings. If this were any other team, the answer would be no. But H2k has a lot to live up to, and they were in the top of the LCS just a few weeks ago. They should be competing with teams like G2 and Fnatic, not losing miserably to them. The saddest thing for H2k is seeing FORG1VENGRE sitting on the bench for Origen, knowing that H2k is needing their favorite ADC. It’s a long road ahead for H2k, and even if they make the playoffs, they’ll probably be eliminated during the first round.

  1. TIE: Origen and Team Vitality

After all of these weeks, I have never included a tie in my power rankings. Now is the time. After this week of play, it’s impossible to say which team is better. Both demolished ROCCAT and then tied their other opponent. If both teams were to play each other, it would most likely be a tie. Origen is everything but consistent, and that’s killing them. Team Vitality, on the other hand, plays consistently but not in a good way. I suppose these teams just fall victim to the LCS being incredibly separated this year (the top three and then everyone else), but it’s still not enough. These teams will probably face the Promotion series and who knows what will happen from there.

  1. ROCCAT (+/- 0)

Nothing new to be said about ROCCAT. They’re just awful right now. It’s sad to see them go from beating G2 week two to bottom of the barrel. But I suppose that’s how professional sports are sometimes.

Cameron Tennyson

I study Communication at UC San Diego with the hopes of becoming a journalist one day. In my free time, I write short stories and play League of Legends.

EU LCS Power Rankings Week 7

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