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League of Legends EULCS Spring Split: Week 9 Power Rankings

Two more weeks in the EULCS and things are spicing up. We expect a bottom-tier team to climb out of the danger zone and into safety as well as someone taking their place and into the relegation zone.

The greatest surprise this week is the ginormous upset from one of LoL and eSport’s most legendary organization to fall, unsuspectingly, to a team supposedly to be lower than them, but it doesn’t seem to be the case. This week we got the same old, top-tier teams battling out for #1 supremacy but that just no longer seems to entertain me anymore. If I were you, I would definitely look at the teams on the bottom shelf as the thrill is more fun down there than it is up in the ladder.

10) Origen (0-11, 2-22)

This team is back to their daily schedule of getting defeats handed to them in a silver platter. This team just doesn’t seem to take the hint and is continuing to admit defeat from whatever opponent they face. Origen seem to have lost motivation and the courage to stand up to anyone. The team may have taken advice from the LoL community and have started playing for the sake of building synergy. It’s important for them to do so, in order to be ready for the Summer Promotion Playoffs when they’ll meet Challenger teams looking to take their place. Origen are hopefully going to gain a spot in the LCS for the Summer split but could very well be playing CS LoL if they can’t piece things together.

Next Match: W9D2 vs Unicorns of Love

9) Vitality (3-7, 8-15)

Vitality seems to be on the brink of relegation here alongside GIANTS! To place them at #9 is hard for me personally because I expected so much from this team. With so much talent going into the roster, it’s difficult to fathom this squad being where they currently stand. Hachani and Steelback in the bot lane are two very experienced members of the LCS. Nukeduck and Cabochard, the supposed core of the team, two members who popped off in the LCS last year were expected to do the same again but just didn’t. It was very harsh for the team to have taken such punishment this year. I expect to see them either safe from relegation or in the relegation series in future weeks.

Next Match: W9D1 vs Splyce

8) GIANTS! Gaming (2-8, 7-18)

This team are supposedly the leading squad in the bottom-shelf but fell flat on their face this week as they got 0-2’ed by ROCCAT. That was a chance for GIANTS! to actually defeat a bottom-tier squad this split but they came up short when it mattered most. Such an unexpected turn of events this split. Currently holding a record of 2-8, this team may have filled the empty relegation space that ROCCAT have left. GIANTS! were doing ‘quite well’ at the beginning of the split, being the team to stay safe outside of the relegation zone with their lone win until ROCCAT gained confidence and took them down with a fabulous 2-0. The loss dropped GIANTS! into the relegation zone but they remain number 8 in our rankings.

Next Match: W9D3 vs Fnatic

7) Fnatic (4-6, 12-15)

As sad it is for me to say, Fnatic is such a bad team this year. With a lot of problems coming in from the team’s infrastructure to the starting lineup, Fnatic have shown so many issues that we didn’t even know existed. With the departure of their coach, Nico The Pico, things may get even worse. They seemed to do relatively well until midway through the split until the IEM World Championship where they realized their own faults and started to just crumble internally. What happened to Fnatic is a disaster and things may seem darker for them as their playoff spot is in risk. If they don’t clean up their act in the next couple of weeks then they can say goodbye for the first time in their history to the playoffs. The question that now looms, who will replace them?

Next Match: W9D3 vs GIANTS!

6) Team ROCCAT (4-7, 10-16)

Team ROCCAT, just wow! This team has improved so much that I’m in shock. Ever since they defeated Origen, they gained such a big spike in confidence and in skill to defeat every team below them in these Power Rankings. Origen, Vitality, GIANTS! Gaming and even Fnatic. They’ve defeated all of them and are currently riding an impressive four game win streak. Never have I seen a team climb from the relegation zone to safety as they have. ROCCAT came into the split an underdog to even remain in the LCS but they now look one of the more dangerous teams do make some noise in the playoffs.

Next Match: W9D2 vs Misfits

5) Splyce (6-4, 15-9)

Time to tune down just for a little while and talk about their easy win against Origen this week. Well, I wouldn’t expect an upset from this series. 5 Worlds players from 2016 battling it out against 3 unexperienced players, Tabzz and xPeke. Who would expect something different? Splyce earned an easy win this week and will look to build off of that in a match against another bottom of the table team in Vitality.

Next Match: W9D1 vs Vitality

4) Misfits (7-3, 16-8)

They were 0-2’ed by H2k last week and it doesn’t seem to matter for the teams in the top half of the table. For me, what the teams should do right now is continue to improve so that when their matches become really important, they won’t choke and fight where it matters most. They lost against G2, UOL and H2k, it seems only fitting to place them at #4 for the meantime. Misfits have a big test in front of them as they look to rebound from that loss to H2k when they play ROCCAT in Week 9.

Next Match: W9D2 vs Misfits

3) H2K (7-3, 16-7)

H2k lost to UOL this week in 0-2 fashion which is an embarrassment to be honest. Their team performance overall was sloppy and this issue needs to be fixed immediately if they hope to compete with the EU’s best. They are running out of time and if they want to challenge G2 in the Finals, they are going to need to rebuild their strategy and continually improve. H2K have lost to UOL twice, and to G2 once thus far this split. Their chances of reaching the finals are still high if they can improve hard enough to defeat UOL. They get a bit of a breather this week as they play Vitality but will need to prove that they can indeed regain their form.

Next Match: W9D3 vs Vitality

2) Unicorns of Love (8-2, 17-7)

UOL has proven once again they are meant to be equals with G2 eSports by remaining #1 in their group. They may have dropped some games and ultimately failed to defeat G2 in the EU and at IEM but they can still manage to snatch a victory over them should they improve when the time comes. Unicorns of Love have the fan support and the tools needed to reach their best form and defeat the KINGS! After an impressive showing against H2K, they’ll move on to face the 0-11 Origen team that so desperately needs help.

Next Match: W9D2 vs Origen

1) G2 eSports (10-0, 20-5)

Still undefeated in the EU since the Summer of 2016, this team continues to showcase what a well-oiled squad should look like. They continue to dominate the rift with their aggressive plays and are merciless towards their enemies. I still don’t understand why they fail internationally when their performance domestically is a sweep. G2 is no doubt the top contender for Finals this split and will quite surely be going to MSI as well, where’s the thrill in that? The thrill lies on whoever gets to face them and bring the series to 5 games.

Next Match: W9D1 vs GIANTS!

G2 vs _________ for the 2017 Spring Finals!

Fill in the blank with whoever you think will fight the Kings of EU!

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League of Legends EULCS Spring Split: Week 9 Power Rankings

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