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EU LCS Mid-Split MVPs

A look at who's been playing the best so far in the EU LCS.

It’s officially half way through the EU LCS Summer Split, and with all seasons, there are things that are both expected and surprising. G2 eSports is right where they left off, and they seem to have fixed what went wrong during MSI. Origen on the other hand, has had some unexpected troubles with FORG1VENGRE, but it seems that they’re slowly making their way up the ladder. While we could go on and on about what each team has done right and wrong so far, we want to recognize those players who have played above and beyond everyone else this year. And with that, let’s start our Mid-Split MVP analysis.

Overall and Jungle MVP: Tricky (G2 eSports)

Tricky is the type of player who makes everything seem way too easy. Whether it’s early game duels or stealing Baron at the last second, Tricky always has another trick up his sleeve. While I don’t want to take away from G2’s success as a team, they owe a lot of thanks to Tricky for keeping them in their number one spot in the standings. Even when the team loses, Tricky is often the one player who had a good game. Tricky currently holds the number one KDA in the EU LCS, with an insane 7.8 KDA. If we just look at junglers, Fnatic’s Spirit only has a 5.0 KDA. Having above a 6 KDA is a feat of its own, but many people overlook the fact that this is a jungler with a 7.8 KDA. Junglers are often the champs that have to initiate and deal damage, unlike ADC’s that can just skate outside the fight to poke and get kills and assists from afar.

Another thing that separates Tricky from the pack is his champion pool. Most junglers stick to one or two types of champions; like tank or AP. What makes Tricky so much more dangerous than other junglers is that he can play all types of junglers. One game, he’ll play Rek’sai be the king of engaging. After that, the enemy team will ban out Rek’sai, so Tricky will play Nidalee and still dominate. Oh, you think you understand how he’s playing now? There’s AD assassin Kindred ready to cause havoc to the enemy team. Tricky isn’t just playing like the best jungler in the EU, he’s playing like the best jungler in the world. And for that reason, Tricky is RealSport’s Mid-Split MVP.

Top Lane MVP: Odoamne (H2k)

This was probably the hardest decision to make when it comes to the Mid-Season MVP’s because Fnatic’s Gamsu has been playing fantastic League of Legends lately. But this is about the Most Valuable Player, and Fnatic has a lot of great players on the team, so Gamsu is just icing on the cake. Odoamne, on the other hand, is the four-course meal. H2k came into this season without famed ADC FORG1VENGRE, and there were a lot of questions that had yet to be answered. The biggest one was, “Who would step up to the plate and be the playmaker?”. Well, Odoamne answered that question and shut down all of the doubters. Odoamne currently holds a 4.5 KDA, which is the second highest for top laners (The only person above Odoamne is Gamsu, but Odoamne is hoping to change that soon). In addition to his KDA, Odoamne has a 67.4% kill participation rate, which is immensely high for top laners.

When it comes to the top lane, professional players are often switching back and forth from carries to tanks, and sometimes choosing a carry at the wrong time can lose an entire game. Odoamne doesn’t have this problem, because he almost always goes with a tanky character that has tons of initiation potential and CC. Odoamne is a team player, and chooses champs like Gnar and Shen instead of Gangplank or Ekko. The reason why Odoamne is our MVP is because H2k literally wouldn’t have gotten to this point without him. The combination of his stellar mechanics mixed with his aptness to help his team no matter the situation is what makes him RealSport’s Mid-Split Top Lane MVP.

Mid Lane MVP: Fox (FC Schalke 04)

If there’s a midlaner who could challenge NA’s Bjergsen right now, it’s FC Schalke’s Fox (please forgive me Demon King, I can’t talk about Korea’s dominance in this article). FC Schalke is still getting into the swing of things, but Fox hit the ground running. Not only does he lead the league with 88 kills, he also tops the Mid KDA leaderboard with a 4.9 KDA (he’s ranked 11th in the league also). Teams fear Fox due to his unparalleled map pressure and mobility. If you need Fox, he’ll be there. What separates Fox from the rest of the mid laners is his mechanics. Although Fox has underperformed on LCS favorite Viktor, his play on Azir has been nothing less than miraculous. Azir is considered to be one the hardest, if not the hardest champion the play in League of Legends; Fox makes it look easy. Even after Azir’s ult got nerfed pretty hard midseason, Fox somehow managed to work with what he’d been given and still find positive results. Fox even ran Nidalee mid this year, and ended up going 6/1/8. FC Schalke may not be the best team in the EU LCS, but they have the best midlaner to build a team around. And for this reason, Fox is RealSport’s Mid-Split Mid Lane MVP.

Support MVP: Yellowstar (Fnatic)

My oh my did Fnatic miss Yellowstar; and I guess Yellowstar feels the same about Fnatic. While his short trip to the NA LCS did bring him a second place trophy with TSM, many agree that Yellowstar was the weak link in TSM. Now that he’s returned to the EU, he’s gone from zero to hero. Watching Yellowstar play right now is the greatest thing that any future supports could do; Yellowstar does everything right all of the time, and it’s just jaw dropping. Honestly if Trick wasn’t the god that he is this season, Yellowstar would be the Mid-Split Overall MVP, no questions asked. So what exactly makes Yellowstar the support MVP? Well, to start off you have his league-high 200 assists, with second place only being at 187 assists. In addition, Yellowstar’s kill participation rate is 78.1%, the fourth highest in the league. And to bring the KO punch is the fact that teams are literally banning Braum so that Yellowstar can’t play him. Yes, you read that right, teams are banning Braum. When a player is so proficient at a support champ that other teams have to ban the champion away, that tells you that you’re dealing with the best in the business. And that’s why Yellowstar is RealSport’s Mid-Split Support MVP.

ADC MVPs: Rekkles (Fnatic) and Zven (G2 eSports)

The position of ADC was by far the most competitive when it came to choosing an ADC, and for a while, I was set on just Rekkles. But then I thought about it and realized it was impossible to not recognize Zven for his stellar play with a new team. So, we have a tie.

Rekkles has to credit Yellowstar for a lot of his success, but everyone knows that a great support isn’t much without at least a good ADC. Luckily for Fnatic, Rekkles is more than a “good” ADC; he’s one of the best in the game. Rekkles has a 5.7 KDA, second only to Zven himself. On top of that, Rekkles is basically tied for first with ADC’s when it comes to kill participation rate; he finds himself with a 77% rate. Stats aside, Rekkles just wins games. Yes he plays meta champs and doesn’t go out of his comfort zone, but he doesn’t need to. Rekkles is 5-2 with Ezreal, and currently has a 13.7 KDA with him. I had to double check the numbers, because that stat is almost too good to be true. But the thing is that it is true, and that’s why Rekkles is a Co-RealSport Mid-Split ADC MVP: he makes the impossible a reality.

Now after that rave review, I bet it’s hard to imagine anyone comparing to Rekkles; but behold, G2’s Zven has something to say about that. It’s hard getting used to a new team, especially when they were the ones that beat you in the championship the year before. But Zven doesn’t care. Yes, he has his trusty mithy by his side like Rekkles has his Yellowstar, but at the end of the day, Zven is still the ADC and he still has to deliver. Well, he does more than just deliver: he dominates. Zven is currently second in the EU LCS with his 7.1 KDA, only behind our Overall MVP, Tricky. Needless to say, this type of stat is unheard of in the ADC position. On top of his KDA, Zven has a large champion pool. Yes, he plays the usual suspects, but he can also rock a Jhin or Ashe if the team calls for it. Zven’s awareness is unprecedented, as he has only died 26 times in 20 games. If you have ever played ADC, you know how incredible that is (by the way, that’s tied for the least amount of death from players who have played all 20 games. The other player? You guessed it: Tricky). Zven knows when to go in, when to hold back, and everything in between. His game knowledge combined with his top-notch mechanics is Zven is a Co-RealSport Mid-Split ADC MVP.

Cameron Tennyson

I study Communication at UC San Diego with the hopes of becoming a journalist one day. In my free time, I write short stories and play League of Legends.

EU LCS Mid-Split MVPs

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