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Counter Logic Gaming vs FlyQuest: Scores, Highlights, and Analysis

SPOILER ALERT: you do not want to miss this series.

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If you decided to turn off Sunday night’s stream after CLG was leading FlyQuest 2-0, you may be in for a big surprise. 

Sunday, April 9th, FlyQuest overtook CLG in a reverse sweep (3-2), advancing the rookie team to face Team SoloMid in the North American semifinals. We will discuss the match breakdown, the best game in the series, and the best play of the series.

Games 1 and 2

The first two games saw CLG roll over FlyQuest with the aid of early roaming on Huhi’s Aurelion Sol and Ahri picks. In dominant fashion, CLG only gave up 8 kills in games one and two combined, while amassing 45 kills of their own. If you thought this best of five was going to feature strictly meta-picks, game two saw FLY Altec on a Hurricane/ Mallet Kennen ADC, and CLG’s top laner Darshan on an Ohmwrecker Dr. Mundo.

Game two was largely undecided until CLG won a 4-for-2 trade on the top side of the map due to superior ward placement and an unlikely NA flash from Aphromoo. After this, solid team play from CLG further snowballed their control, finishing with a 40-minute victory.

Game 3

FlyQuest started this game off strong with a defensive ward opening which led to a 1-minute first blood on Moon’s Rengar. This small gold and experience bonus allowed Moon to take control of the jungle. At 11 minutes, Moon was three levels and nearly triple the CS above Xmithie. Over commitment from CLG in the mid game further snowballed Moon, resulting in a relatively clean win at 44 minutes.

Game 4

Tensions began to rise in game four; another Rengar pickup from Moon resulted in a first-blood, given it took about 10 minutes this time. Focus was clearly emphasized on the Orianna-Rengar delivery which FlyQuest opted in to, with Hai and Moon having 90% and 80% kill participation at 25 minutes, respectively. From here, an 11,000-gold advantage for FLY and a few misplays resulted in a victory, bringing the match to a 5th and final deciding game.

Game 5

I’ll opt out from spoiling this game for any viewers as it is by far the closest and most explosive game in the series. Relatively standard picks across the board from both teams; if you only have two minutes to enjoy this final match, watch below:

Player of the Series 

Maybe my own personal jungle-main bias is affecting this decision, but Moon’s early game pressure on Rengar in games two and three greatly altered the pace of the series and his pocket-pick Evelynn in game five allowed for a great bottom lane snowball to finish out the series. Moving forward, this will be Moon’s first ever semifinal appearance against a well-oiled TSM machine. 

Make sure to check back in the near future for RealSport’s analysis of the upcoming North American LCS Spring Split Semifinal: FlyQuest vs Team SoloMid on Saturday, April 16th!

What was your favorite moment from this match? Let us know in the comments below!

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Counter Logic Gaming vs FlyQuest: Scores, Highlights, and Analysis

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