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CLG Emergency Swap: Stixxay out, Aphromoo to ADC, Joey to Support

Sometimes a sudden emergency can force a team’s hand in making crazy role swap. Can CLG still pull through?

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Not all roster moves happen because of necessity. Sometimes external circumstances can force a team’s hand in making a crazy role swap. In a recent Facebook post, CLG announced that Stixxay will not be playing for some time due to a sudden medical emergency. He will be replaced by the team’s support, Zaqueri “Aphromoo” Black, while the role of an actual support will be performed by a substitute, Joseph “Joey” Haslemann”.

How did the swap work out for CLG—and can they pull through without Stixxay?

No Time to Explain

Rest assured, that this type of move is probably the worst that CLG could do. Granted, they didn’t have much of a choice, but taking their main shot caller, Aphromoo, out of his comfort zone while also bringing in a complete rookie, is nothing short of a disaster. Maybe a miracle could happen that’d make this bot lane perform on stage. But, alas, it was not meant to be.

Aphromoo and Joey looked about as good as you’d expect from a duo that didn’t get a single game’s worth of practice. They were outclassed by Immortals’ bot lane of Cody Sun and Olleh and spent the entirety of their match playing on the back foot. It doesn’t exactly come as much of a surprise. After all, the days of Achromous playing AD carry are long gone and his teammate, Joey, is a Masters-level player that’s only been CLG’s substitute in name. But can the duo at least stand up to Team Envy’s Apollo and Hakuho? Well, if we were to base our judgment on yesterday’s games, then no, no they can’t.

Of course, many things can change since the team will get at least some practice games with their new support. And it’s true that the team’s solo laners have shown that they can step up when it matters most. Still, it doesn’t look good for CLG.

Wishing Stixxay Was Here

If you’re a CLG fan, it’s clear that you would want nothing more that Stixxay returning to the team. But you can also rejoice since your favorite team has already clinched its spot in the Playoffs. Of course, it’s sad to see CLG not playing at full strength and losing valuable practice time. And their upcoming series against Team Envy will be a lot closer after these roster changes.

But in the end, there’s nothing left to do except wishing for Stixxay to get better and hoping that CLG won’t let these unfortunate circumstances affect their Playoffs performance.  

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CLG Emergency Swap: Stixxay out, Aphromoo to ADC, Joey to Support

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