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A Change in the Wind? Three Things We Learned From the LCK This Weekend

With half of the 2017 Spring Split already over, teams are bustling to avoid relegation. Even in the LCK, we're starting to see some change in the standings!

1. Crown Can Play Syndra

When it came to the power pick of Syndra during Worlds 2016, we saw many strong mid laners picking the champion, such as TSM Bjergsen and the “God” himself, SKT T1 Faker. However, Samsung Galaxy’s mid laner, Crown, was unable to perform with this champion and bring her potential out. This forced the team during the pick/ban phase to ban Syndra in order to avoid it being picked against them, since other teams were able to utilize the champion’s power.

However, in the midst of the second half of the 2017 Spring Split, we saw a change. In Game 3 of SSG versus at the time, second place KT Rolster, Crown locked in Syndra. Keep in mind, Crown already underperformed on the champion during game 1, reinforcing the idea that he was not adequate on this champion. Yet, Samsung Galaxy proved critics and peers wrong. During game 3, Crown decimated KT Rolster, ending the match roughly 40 CS ahead of Pawn, and with a KDA of 6/1/6. This changes more than people realize, because not only is this champion now suitable in the hands of a talented player, but teams will have to adapt their banning strategy to ensure Crown doesn’t get a possible power pick such as Syndra.

2. Mid Lane Has More Diversity

With the many changes in recent patches, mages in the mid lane haven’t been able to keep the same impact that they had during the end of Season 6. Though they are powerful, some other champions have seen the light of day in many regions, such as Ekko and Fizz. In Korean solo queue, Talon was an upcoming power pick for mid and top lane. The LCK had a taste of Talon when Longzhu picked him in Week 5 against Afreeca Freecs. Now, across 3 separate series’ in Week 8, Talon was locked on 5 occasions, even by renowned player, SKT T1 Faker. It seems diversity is coming to the mid lane, and we should be excited to see what other champions see the light of professional play in the role.

3. There’s Room for Growth!

Though close, the many changes we’re seeing are a constant reminder that the Spring Split is all but over. We’re seeing teams fight to avoid relegation and deliver spectacular performances. Samsung Galaxy is reminding fans why they were 2nd place at Worlds 2016, overcoming what looked to be one of the best teams in the LCK, KT Rolster. With the changes to the meta, the return of SKT T1 Peanut’s Lee Sin again appearing, and even powerful performances by Longzhu, we should see some interesting turn outs before the split is over!

What was your take from Week 8 in the LCK? Let us know in the comments!

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A Change in the Wind? Three Things We Learned From the LCK This Weekend

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