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2017 NA LCS Spring Playoffs: 3 Players To Look Out For In The Quarterfinals

The quarterfinals of the NA LCS take place this weekend with P1 vs DIG and CLG vs FlyQuest. We take a look at three players to look out for.


Phoenix 1- Arrow (ADC)

It looks like Arrow will be this split’s MVP thanks to his consistently high level of play leading his team to a 3rd place finish going into the playoffs. Arrow ranks top 5 in both KDA and Kill Participation this split. To make that achievement even better is that there really isn’t an ADC this split that can match him in any statistical category. Phoenix 1 has done a great job this whole season of keeping Arrow safe in a lot of the games and also drafting him the champions that he excels on. The most mind-blowing part of his stats is his ability to play Ezreal. The team has an 8-2 record when he picks the champion while has a 12.1 KDA on her. The team is so confident in their star ADC that they sometimes first pick their ADC for him which is an uncommon thing for teams to do in drafts. If there is any criticism about Arrow, it would be that he isn’t bringing out god-like numbers against the top teams like C9 and TSM which showed last week where they went 0-2. If P1 makes it to the semifinals, it will certainly be behind Arrow.

FlyQuest- Hai (MID)

At the start of the season, Hai was leading his team to countless victories as the squad started off 6-2. But Hai was also one of the major problems when they ended the split with a 9-9 record and barely made it to the playoffs on the last day of the regular season. Now Hai has to prove himself in the playoffs, where if he wants to win, he will possibly have to go through Mid-Laners like Jensen and Bjergsen. Hai enters the playoffs with some of the worst stats of any Mid-Laner in the postseason. Out of all the Mid-Laners in the playoffs, he ranks last in KDA and has the most deaths, something that won’t be excusable when facing off against the top-tier teams of the NA LCS.

It will be an uphill battle for Hai in the playoffs but one thing that he is known for most is his great shot calling. From his time with C9, he was known for being one of the best shot callers in the world and proved it at the start of this split. The poor team performance obviously isn’t completely his fault but Hai and the whole team will need to return to how they performed at the start of the split if they want to advance in the playoffs.

CLG- Stixxay (ADC)

From the looks of a lot of CLG’s games this split, Stixxay looks like the only player who constantly performs well. That comes as a surprise because CLG came into the Spring Split with experience of having played with each other for three straight splits. If Stixxay doesn’t perform well it just seems like CLG doesn’t perform well at all. He ranks either top or in the middle of the pack in a lot of this split’s leaderboards.

What I think sets Stixxay far from all of the other players that will be playing this week is his ability to be clutch in the playoffs. When CLG made their magical run in the Spring Split last year to MSI, it had a lot to do with Stixxay. He was able to lead CLG to the finals at MSI against SKT where they eventually lost 3-0. Their run to the finals was the furthest any NA team has ever made it in an international playoff. Now Stixxay and CLG have another chance to make it to MSI this year but due to the team’s poor, inconsistent performance, they will have to prove themselves once again. Stixxay will be the player to help them prove everyone wrong all over again.

Phoenix 1 plays Dignitas on Saturday at 3pm ET and CLG plays FlyQuest on Sunday at 3pm ET. Let us know in the comment section below who you think we should be paying close attention to during the week!      


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2017 NA LCS Spring Playoffs: 3 Players To Look Out For In The Quarterfinals

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