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LoL 2017 NA LCS Spring Split Playoffs: Phoenix1 vs Dignitas 3 Keys to Victory

P1 take on Dig in the first NA LCS playoff game of the 2017 Spring Split! We take a look at the keys to victory for both teams in this quarterfinal clash.

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Shut Down Ssumday: Ssumday is Team Dignitas’s biggest carry. Sporting a 3.9 KDA and 8.6 CS per minute, he is the #1 threat that Phoenix1 have to deal with. Even though zig is formidable with his 3.2 KDA and 7.5 CS per minute, you can’t expect him to single-handedly take on a player of Ssumday’s caliber. The best bet here would be to get a favorable lane in the draft or—at worst—secure a tank vs tank matchup where there’s not much room for individual outplays. But if that fails, P1’s jungler will need to pay a lot of attention to top lane.

Play Around ArrowWith the recent buffs to carry-oriented ADCs, Phoenix1 have struck gold. After all, Arrow is their best player with a 5.3 KDA and a monstrous 589 damage per minute. It would be wise for P1 to focus their resources on getting Arrow ahead. But the best thing is that they don’t even have to invest too much. Arrow is more than capable of getting ahead on his own if his team provides him with the necessary peel in skirmishes.

Wait For ItSometimes doing nothing is the only right move. If Phoenix1 find themselves behind, then the correct choice would be to hunker down and let Dignitas collapse under the weight of their subpar macro game. If that doesn’t work, Phoenix1 could always look for that perfect team fight. After all, even if Dignitas are 4-5k gold ahead, their team is disjointed enough to get overeager and throw their advantage.


Cover Top LaneWe’ve already mentioned why Ssumday is the team’s star player and how he’s superior to P1’s zig. Ideally, Dignitas want to put Ssumday on a carry like Camille or Renekton, which would allow him to both dominate his lane and deal with P1’s carries. But even when playing tanks, Ssumday poses a significant threat for the enemy team—so much so that you can be sure that the enemy jungler will be looking to shut him down. Which is why Dignitas need to answer with counter-ganks and roams of their own.

Pressure Enemy JunglerEven though Phoenix1 cover well for their junglers, this play style still presents many openings. They will need to step up their draft game, but as long as Dignitas get strong laners with push priority, they have to look for those aggressive invades. Especially if they’re dealing with Meteos and his unorthodox champion pool.  

Make The Snowball Going: One of the ways to defeat a better team is to overwhelm it with relentless aggression. That’s why Dignitas need to pull out all stops and go for those high-risk, high-reward plays. Go for those summoner trades, force kills and set up 4-5 man dives onto bot lane. Going into the mid game on an even footing with Phoenix1 is the last thing Dignitas want which is why they have to do their best to break the game open before then.

Who do you have winning this matchup? Let us know in the comments!

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LoL 2017 NA LCS Spring Split Playoffs: Phoenix1 vs Dignitas 3 Keys to Victory

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